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Brazil. Storming the most important institutions in the country. Image of the destruction in the presidential palace

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Destroyed and overturned furniture, destroyed entire rooms, broken TV sets – this is how the offices of the Brazilian presidential palace of Planalto look like after Sunday’s storming of supporters of Jair Bolsonaro, which lasted several hours. The destruction was shown on social media by Presidential Minister Paulo Pimenta.

On Sunday afternoon, a crowd of thousands of supporters of the former president Brazil Jair Bolsonaro he launched an assault for Congress, Supreme Court and the presidential palace in the country’s capital Brasilla. After about four hours, security services managed to regain control of the buildings. Over 400 people were arrested. The protesters left much damage.

Those made in the presidential palace of Planalto were presented on social media by the Minister of Communications in the office of the incumbent President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, Paulo Pimenta.

– I’m in my office on the second floor of the Planalto Palace. As you can see, everything is destroyed – says Pimenta in the recording, presenting demolished and overturned furniture and, among other things, TV sets. “What has been done here is a crime, a disgusting thing. Look what these vandals have done here, what a mess. They have destroyed works of art, the heritage of the country, he continues.

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Pimenta also added that the people who caused the destruction should be treated as marginal and criminals who “did it against democracy and against Brazil.”

The Planalto Presidential Palace of BrazilPAP/EPA/ANDRE BORGES

They did not agree with the election result

Lula was sworn in as president on January 1. His minimal victory (50.9 percent) was preceded by one of the most polarizing election campaigns in history. Not all of Jair Bolsonaro’s voters accepted the result – some of them, since the end of October, when the second round took place, camped out in front of the headquarters of the Brazilian military in the capital, initially hoping that the army would not allow Lula to be sworn in.

Bolsonaro supporters storm government buildingsTVN24

Camps of radical supporters of the former president have also grown in other parts of the country. How to deal with them from the beginning kept the new Brazilian administration awake at night. Justice Minister Flavio Dina has made himself known as a supporter of their removal by force, while Defense Minister Jose Mucio appealed for avoiding confrontation at all costs. On Monday, authorities began to dismantle an encampment in Belo Horizonte, the capital of the state of Minas Gerais, which led to riots.

The events in Brasilia bring to mind attack on the Capitolcommitted by supporters two years ago Donald Trump. However, unlike USAthe Brazilian Congress is currently on hiatus and will not resume work until February.

Bolsonaro is in Florida, where he went before Lula’s inauguration, thus avoiding the traditional handover of the presidential sash to him.

Main photo source: Paulo Pimenta/Twitter

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