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Brazil The inhabitants of the city of Buriticupu live on a precipice. “The noise is so loud that the windows shake”

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Landslides regularly occur in the northern regions of Brazil. Recently, the situation has become so dangerous that the city of Buriticupu is on the brink of collapse. Huge craters appear in the ground, one of them is estimated to be 70 meters deep. The residents fear for their lives.

The city of Buriticupu in the state of Maranhao in northern Brazil, with a population of about 70,000, was on the brink of collapse after numerous landslides caused by heavy rainfall.

Over 70 meters deep

According to local media, one of the craters that appeared on the border of the Brazilian city has a volume of 600 cubic meters and a depth of over 70 meters.

“Due to the unexpected appearance of this hole, 27 families have been evacuated from the site that is in danger of collapse,” local fire chief Celio Roberto told local radio.

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The media noted that thanks to the evacuation carried out with the support of helicopters, human losses have so far been avoided.

CNN has determined that dozens of people have been evacuated from five villages in Maranhao state in recent days due to landslides caused by heavy rains in recent days. Citing state civil defense, the station reported that several roads and dozens of buildings next to them have recently collapsed in the Buriticupu area.

Landslide in BrazilReuters

Living in constant anxiety

Residents of Buriticup, quoted by CNN, fear that the collapse of their city “could happen at any moment” as light tremors are felt in the area and rainfall continues.

“I’m afraid the worst will happen when I sleep,” said Maria de Jesus Alencar, a resident of the city. As she added, moving out is not an option for her because she cannot afford it. “These holes have started to get bigger and people are scared. I was already sick, now I live with depression, anxiety. We hear the sound of falling all the time. There are times when the noise is so loud that the windows shake,” she added.

According to a local community leader named Cruz, who was quoted by Reuters, the process of land erosion began in 2017. Since then, the situation has worsened due to heavy rains.

Main photo source: Reuters

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