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Brazil. The taxi driver drove into the police car to save himself from the kidnappers. Recording

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A taxi crashed into a police car parked at a gas station in southern Brazil. As you can see in the recording made available on Tuesday by local media, two men ran out of the vehicle, who were quickly detained by officers. It turned out that they were the would-be kidnappers of a taxi driver who deliberately hit the police car to get attention.

The incident happened on February 23 in the southeastern city of San Bernardo del Campo Brazil. According to the local section of CNN, the two men – aged 32 and 39 – got into a taxi ordered in an app and threatened the taxi driver with a gun. It is not known what they wanted from him, but the station reports that they did not allow him to stop.

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Brazil. The taxi crashed into the police car

The driver managed to come up with a way to attract the attention of the police. He spotted a police car parked at a gas station and drove into its side. As you can see in the recording published on Tuesday, three armed policemen immediately ran out of the vehicle. At the same time, the hijackers jumped out of the taxi and tried to run away. One of them was immediately knocked to the ground by the officers. The second ran out of the station, but – as reported by CNN – he was quickly caught.

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As two officers stood by the fallen man, her driver got out of the taxi. He began to explain to the policemen why he crashed into their car. The taxi driver was not injured in the attempted kidnapping.

According to CNN, after the would-be kidnappers were apprehended, it turned out that the weapon they used during the robbery was not real.

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CNN Brazil, Noticias Caracol

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