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Breaks in big banks. Santander Bank Polska, ING Bank Śląski, mBank, VeloBank, Bank BPS, Bank Pocztowy – difficulties [lista]

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Santander Bank Polska, ING Bank Śląski, mBank and VeloBank – these are just some of the banks that have planned breaks in the coming days. Therefore, customers must prepare for difficulties. Some of them will not have access to online and mobile banking, and there may also be problems with card payments.

Santander Bank Poland

On Friday, from 11.00 pm to 7.30 am on Saturday, Santander Bank Polska customers will not log in to online banking and the mobile application. The Santander exchange office will be turned off a bit earlier, at 21.00.

At the same time, representatives of the bank assured that during the break “cards and ATMs will work”. “If you need to send an urgent transfer, do so before the scheduled break. You can also withdraw extra cash from an ATM if necessary,” they added.

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ING Bank Śląski

On the night from Saturday to Sunday, from 0.00 to 5.30, you will not be able to, among others: pay with cards on the Internet with 3DSecure, i.e. those that are additionally confirmed in the application or with a one-time SMS code, activate cards, change transaction limits and assign PIN codes, make a transfer from a credit card account.

It will also be difficult to submit applications in Moje ING and on the website www.ing.pl. In addition, between 6.50 and 7.30 it will not be possible to make express BlueCash transfers.

“If you can, make the necessary transfers and purchases outside the service hours. If you need to block the card, call our hotline +48 32 357 00 12” – representatives of ING Bank Śląski advise.


Service works are also planned at mBank. On the night from Saturday to Sunday, between 2.15 and 7.30, customers of this bank will not be able to pay by card in stores and will not use ATMs.

“From 2.15 to 9.00 you will not do online shopping and you will not log into your account on the transaction website or in the mobile application, you will not be able to submit applications, between 2.00 and 9.00 mLine will operate only in information mode” – mBank informed.

Its representatives added that due to the technical break, “it is worth withdrawing cash in advance and ordering important transfers in advance”.

Velo Bank

From Saturday to Sunday, from 11.50 pm to 6.00 am, Velo Bank customers will not log in to online and mobile banking and will not use Blik. In addition, online card payments may be difficult.

Bank BPS

On Saturday, from 8.00 to 14.00, it will not be possible to make foreign currency transfers.

Post Bank

On Sunday, between 4.00 am and 8.00 am, the possibility of executing 3D Secure transactions requiring authentication via a code sent via SMS will be suspended. This does not apply to online transactions that require 3D Secure authentication in electronic banking. During the same hours, it will also be impossible to attach cards to digital wallets.

In addition, between 3.00 and 8.00 it will be impossible to download card details in electronic banking, including the CVC2 code.

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