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Breast cancer. The “Dotykam = Wygrywam” campaign and BIUSTOapka is launched

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Fundacja Pomoc na Startcie has launched a campaign called “Dotykam = Wygrywam”, which promotes breast self-examination. Experts emphasize that the early detection of cancer is crucial in its treatment. – Unfortunately, women are afraid of touching their breasts, of finding something there – says Izabela Sakutova, the author of the campaign. A special BUST cap is to help in the self-examination.

The “Touch = Win” campaign of the Support at Start Foundation promotes breast self-examination, which allows for early detection of potential neoplasms. The free BIUSTOapka application is to help in this, which reminds you of the monthly self-examination, and also helps to carry it out. We will also find useful information in it, e.g. how to make sure that we have a well-chosen bra, or how to find local places that educate about breast health.


Author of the campaign about BIUSTOapka

– Unfortunately, women are afraid of touching their breasts, of finding something there. They also explain it by the fact that they do not know what to look for – Izabela Sakutova, the author of the campaign, explained in an interview with TVN24.

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– That is why one of the three main messages of this year’s campaign is BIUSTOapka created by the Support at Startup Foundation, which builds these healthy habits, taking care of the breasts from an early age, so that young women can get to know the shape of their breasts, find out where there are natural lumps in their breasts and by carrying out regular monthly examinations they will be able to detect possible changes in the future – she added.

Doctor: the most important thing is to know your breasts

Dr. Maciej Socha, head of the obstetrics and gynecology ward of the St. Wojciech in Gdańsk, noted that self-examination every 30 days allows you to detect changes, because the breasts change during the cycle. – The most important thing is to know your breasts, each part of this breast and each subsequent examination within this monthly cycle will allow the patient to learn her breasts and feel every change that occurs there – he added. He emphasized that it is very important that the partners of patients know their breasts, because it is they who often detect changes.

He emphasized that it did not matter how the woman examines her breasts. “It is important to examine the place next to that breast, delicately,” he said. He added that in the case of such self-examination, the armpit should also be examined.

Doctor: lesions of less than a centimeter are curable in most cases

According to Aleksandra Kisio, actress and campaign ambassador, “women are most afraid of a bad diagnosis, therefore they are afraid to be examined”, and often “they blame the fact that they do not have time”. – I always remember in the shower and I do not blame the fact that I do not have time, because there will always be time – she added. – Women are afraid that when they detect a change, it is already a sentence, and it is definitely not a sentence. A lump detected early is absolutely removable and curable – she explained.

Doctor Socha added that not every tumor is cancer. “Cancer is any lesion that is unusual for this location,” he said. He noted that the better women knew their breasts, the smaller changes they would be able to detect. – Lesions of less than one centimeter are completely treatable in most cases. Breast cancer is not a sentence. After sensing such a change, I suggest not to worry, because in most cases these changes may be mild, and go to a doctor – he advised.

Conversation about the campaign “Dotykam = Wygrywam” on TVN24TVN24

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