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Brejza: Obajtek behaves like an oligarch in the Belarusian-Moscow style

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– The behavior of the former president of Orlen, Daniel Obajtek, who has not yet received a summons for a hearing before the parliamentary investigative committee, is shocking. He behaves like an oligarch in the Belarusian-Moscow style – said Krzysztof Brejza (Civic Coalition) in “Fakty po Faktach”. – He avoids this commission like the plague, because he is apparently afraid that this commission and the questions asked there will simply ruin him – added Krzysztof Hetman (Trzecia Droga).

Daniel Obajtek announced that he would appear before the commission of inquiry into the visa scandal, but under certain conditions. His hearing is scheduled for tomorrow. However, the former president of Orlen has not yet responded to the call.

The case was commented on in Monday's “Fakty po Faktach” by Krzysztof Brejza (Civic Coalition) and Krzysztof Hetman (Third Way).

Brejza: this is a fight against mafia structures

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– This is outrageous behavior, he behaves like an oligarch in the Belarusian-Moscow style. A man who thinks he is above the law – said Brejza. He added that “it will certainly be delivered sooner or later, the commission has such possibilities.”

When asked what Obajtek is afraid of, Brejza said: – He knows that proceedings are underway in the prosecutor's office and various investigations have been initiated regarding Orlen. He knows he is going to the European Parliament for immunity.

However, the KO politician added that “the European Parliament very efficiently removes these immunities from MEPs.” – It doesn't take one or two years, it really takes quite quickly, this procedure is shortened and no amount of European aid will help Mr. Obajtek when such an application is submitted – he argued.

Brejza recalled that “Obajtek functioned in the company surrounded by a circle of former service agents.” – He acted with the prospect of impunity. It seemed to him that since there were former agents around him CBAoften also people previously associated with politicians PiSthat it will last, that there will be another term. On October 15, Poles chased away the mafia, he said. He encouraged them to do it again on June 9 – during elections to the European Parliament.

– This is a fight against mafia structures that have eaten away at the structures of the democratic Polish state. There was an organized criminal group operating in Poland that influenced the functioning of the state, said Brejza. He noted that “one of its elements is the Justice Fund.” – But one of the elements, unfortunately, is the at least opportunistic behavior of prosecutors, who benefited by turning a blind eye to the cases of, among others, Mr. Obajtek – he said.

“It is clear that Mr Obajtek has a lot on his conscience if he is afraid to appear before this committee”TVN24

Hetman: Obajtek is just a coward

In Hetman's opinion, Obajtek “definitely has something on his conscience and he certainly consulted someone and knows that there is no good answer to any question put to him at the committee meeting.”

– Due to the above, he avoids this committee like the plague, because he is apparently afraid that this committee and the questions asked there will simply ruin him. I suspect that the one and a half billion zlotys we know about today are not the only bad thing that happened in Orlen. Also when it comes to selling the best refinery in Europe at an undervalued price – noted the Third Way politician. – Apparently, Mr. Obajtek has a lot on his conscience if he is afraid to appear before this committee – he added.

In his opinion, the former president of Orlen “is an ordinary, common coward and does not have an ounce of honor to even come to such a commission.”

– They all acted with a sense of absolute impunity. They have set up their own justice system. They knew perfectly well that what they were doing was wrong. Because on the example of the Justice Fund, from these tapes we can hear and read how they changed their regulations so that they can spend money the way they want, Hetman said.

In his opinion, “they knew perfectly well that they were breaking the law, because even later they agreed how they would testify if questions about the Justice Fund began.” – This is the best evidence that they knew they were breaking the law. And it all fell apart on October 15, he said.

Main photo source: Łukasz Gągulski/PAP

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