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Bridge to Prague. There is no crossing and there are crowds at the crossing. Recording

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Dozens of people boarded the pedestrian and bicycle bridge, even though it is still under construction and you cannot walk on it. “Illegal and reckless” – comments the behavior of pedestrians, a reader who sent a recording of this situation to Kontakt 24.

On Contact 24 We received a recording showing people on the unopened pedestrian and bicycle bridge that connects Praga Północ with Śródmieście. The crossing connects the banks of the Vistula River at Karowa and Stefana Okrzei streets. Albeit whole the structure is almost ready, it’s still a construction site. Spring weather tempted walkers who entered the bridge despite the fenced crossing.

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“Illegal and reckless” – commented the behavior of passers-by, a reader who sent us a recording of the entire situation.

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In the video, in addition to the crowd of people between the barriers and nets (one of the men is even carrying a bicycle), you can also see a police car standing next to the entrance to the bridge with its signals on.

Bridge to Prague. When is the opening?

The first works on the construction of the bridge began in January 2022. According to the capital’s city hall, the structure is to be put into operation this spring.

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Pedestrian and bicycle bridge over the Vistula Tomasz Zieliński / tvnwarszawa.pl

The single-level bridge is supported on seven reinforced concrete piers. On the left bank, before the last pillar, the crossing widens into two ramps that have been placed over the boulevards at the level of the Wybrzeże Kościuszkowskie sidewalk. The bridge is made of steel covered with paint that imitates the color of corten. This material and coating is more suitable due to the high humidity on the river.

The new bridge stretches for 452 meters and in this respect it has become one of the longest crossings of this type in the world. It is 127 meters longer than London’s Millennium Bridge, one of the most famous structures of this type. The width of the lightning-shaped structure is variable and at its narrowest point is 6.9 meters, and above the river it widens to 16.3 meters.

In addition to its communication function, the footbridge will also have recreational values. The line of the crossing structure breaks in two places. In these “bends” the structure is much wider so that pedestrians and cyclists can step aside and safely admire the views. There will be space for wooden seats.

Pedestrians will cover the crossing on foot in six minutes, cyclists will cross it in two minutes. After the opening of the footbridge, Okrzei Street together with Ząbkowska Street may become a new axis – the Prague version of the Royal Route.

Kontakt 24, tvnwarszawa.pl

Main photo source: Jack / Kontakt 24

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