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“#BringBackAlice” with Helena Englert – where to watch? [Renezcje]

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The new Polish series “#BringBackAlice”, the third episode of which can be watched from today on the HBO Max platform, was supposed to be a suspenseful story about the disappearance of the popular influencer Alicja Stec. Is it so? Opinions are divided. Just like in the case of the main role played by Helena Englert.

“It seems to draw you in, but there is no frenzy” (serialowa.pl); “Stylized, but hypnotic. Besides, it gets better with each episode. In the end, you will be bought to the max” (spidersweb.pl); “If you watched ‘School for the Elite’, ‘School of Broken Hearts’, ‘Riverdale’ (…), nothing will surprise you, but it does not mean that you will be completely disappointed” (wirtualnemedia.pl) – reviews of the series vary.

The six-episode production was compared to before the premiere hit “Euphoria”, the American HBO series about a group of high school students finding their way in a world full of drugs, sex, and social media. Helena Englert, who plays the main role, arouses equally great interest.

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Helena Englert plays Alicja Stec in #BringBackAlice, a missing teenager who returns home after a year. She has absolutely no memory of what happened to her. Previously, she was a popular influencer. She had a boyfriend, friends, fame, money.

Now he has to find himself in a new reality. From scraps of information and memories, he tries to reconstruct the past. It also turns out that not everyone is happy about her return. The friends share a dark secret. Reviewers are divided on Englert’s role. Some write that it is “stiff” (comments on HBO Max’s social media), others that “it is memorable and can engage the viewer in its thread” (serialowa.pl).

Helena Englert in “#BringBackAlice”HBO Max Poland

Who is Helena Englert?

The 23-year-old actress is the daughter of Beata Ścibakówna and Jan Englert. In 2019, she got into the prestigious New York acting school Tisch School of the Arts, which is part of the New York University. After a year, at the beginning of the pandemic, she returned to Poland. Now he is studying at the Theater Academy in Warsaw. The offer of a role in the production of HBO Max made a big impression on her.

Helena Englert in “#BringBackAlice”HBO Max Poland

“It’s such a feeling that you can’t stand on your feet.” I remember squatting. My best friend next to me seemed to know faster than I did what my wonderful agent was about to tell me over the phone. Big celebration – she said at the premiere of “#BringBackAlice” to the reporter of “Dzień Dobry TVN”

Helena Englert made her film debut as a two-year-old child in Juliusz Machulski’s “Superprodukcja”. His account includes roles in the series “Colors of happiness” and “Diagnoza”. In January, the erotic film “Pokusa” premiered in cinemas, in which she played the main role. The actress does not care about the opinions that she is making a career thanks to the well-known name of her parents.

“As a young person entering this profession, I expect to be associated with my parents for a while yet, but it’s not like I’m denying them or they’re denying me. I would like to get a chance to build my own reputation, but also to work on my own awareness, autonomy, image, and that’s probably about it. Of course, in my case it will never be 100% possible, but I want to try – she said at cozatydzien.tvn.pl.

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#BringBackAlice” is available on HBO Max.

Main photo source: HBO Max Poland

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