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British elections and the migration crisis. The Tories are betting on Rwanda, Labor on new leadership

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Britain's exit from the European Union did not stop the influx of illegal immigrants to the UK. The Conservative Party is still pushing a failed plan to return immigrants to Rwanda, and the Labor Party, which is leading in the polls, wants above all to fight people smugglers. Nigel Farage, the “godfather of Brexit”, proposes to stop recognizing the European Court of Human Rights.

Nigel Farage once promised that Britain's exit from the European Union would solve his country's immigrant problem. The UK left the EU, but the problem remained. Nigel Farage still says his country's biggest problem is immigrants. – One in thirty people on the streets of Great Britain came to our country in the last two years alone. We have literally never seen anything like this before, says the leader of the Reform UK party.

Farage again shows his compatriots that Europe is to blame for everything. It is no longer the once demonized Brussels, but the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg. British populists propose leaving Europe even further.

– The only way to truly fully restore sovereignty, including deciding who can enter us and who can stay here, is to leave the European Court of Human Rights. It no longer serves the purposes we signed up to achieve over 70 years ago, argues Nigel Farage.

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According to the British far-right, the European Court of Human Rights is the main obstacle to the implementation of the plan to return illegal immigrants to Rwanda, located in the heart of Africa. In 2022, the British government concluded an agreement with this country – under it, Rwanda was to accept people detained after illegally crossing the British border.

Meloni: we are working not on how to manage illegal migration to Europe, but on how to stop itTVN24

The Prime Minister defends the plan to send back illegal immigrants

So far, not a single immigrant has been sent back to Rwanda because the British Supreme Court stood in the way, and immigrants' lawyers have also filed complaints with Strasbourg. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Rishi Sunak continues to insist on the Rwanda plan.

– Do you know what happened last month? 15 European countries have signed a declaration on illegal migration. Italy, the Netherlands and other countries have agreed that expelling illegal immigrants to a safe third country would be an important part of the solution because it removes the incentive for potential immigrants to leave, says the British Prime Minister.

The British Prime Minister recalls the appeal of 15 countries, including Poland, sent to the European Commission in mid-May to involve the so-called third countries more closely in solving the migration crisis. Many European capitals look with hope at the idea of ​​Italy, which will start sending some illegal immigrants to special camps in Albania from August.

Immigrants brought by Russia and Belarus are still crossing the border.  What will Shield East be?

Immigrants brought by Russia and Belarus are still crossing the border. What will Shield East be?Paweł Szot/Fakty TVN

A new idea for the Labor Party

The Tories' Rwanda plan will most likely be abandoned after the early elections scheduled to be held in the United Kingdom on July 4. This is one of the promises of the Labor Party, which is clearly leading in the polls.

Labor leader, most likely future prime minister, Keir Starmer, has other ideas for stopping illegal immigration. Just as before Brexit, the United Kingdom's biggest problem was supposed to be the Polish plumber, now politicians are trying to focus voters' attention on people sailing to the British Isles in small boats.

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This year alone, over 12,000 people crossed the English Channel. Only on one day, last Tuesday, as many as 882 people. – We must stop this vile trade run by gangs that put defenseless people on boats. The only way to stop this is to break up these gangs, says the leader of the British Labor Party.

Labour's main promise is to create a dedicated border security command. It would be given the powers of anti-terrorist units and even intelligence.

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