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British Intelligence: The Russians lost four missile launchers

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Just this week, after Ukrainian attacks, the Russians lost at least four long-range surface-to-air missile launchers, according to the British Ministry of Defense. And these are not all the losses of the Russian army. According to the Ukrainian side, the enemy lost 930 soldiers and over a hundred pieces of military equipment in the last 24 hours alone.

The British Ministry of Defense reported in its daily intelligence update that Russian media reported the destruction of three Russian SA-21 launchers in the Luhansk Oblast (this is the name used by FOR THIS code name for the Russian S-400 air defense system – note ed.). Ukrainian sources, in turn, provided information about the losses of Russian air defense in Crimea.

“Russia has long treated extensive, technologically advanced long-range surface-to-air missile systems as a key element of its military strategy. The latest losses highlight that the Russian integrated air defense system is still unable to cope with modern precision weapons and will most likely increase the already significant burden on remaining systems and operators. There is a real possibility that Russia, by replacing destroyed systems in Ukraine, will weaken its air defense in other operational areas,” it said.

Significant Russian losses

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The loss of the launcher is not the only problem the Russian army is struggling with. Recently, the Russians have been losing significant amounts of equipment and military personnel. Ministry of Defense Ukraine reported that the Russians lost 930 soldiers in the last 24 hours alone.

Moreover, the Ukrainians destroyed the occupiers, among others: 43 armored combat vehicles, 42 artillery systems, 34 military vehicles and tankers, 18 tanks and one military aircraft.

ISW: Russians are gaining on the front lines

The American Institute for the Study of War reports that on November 1, Russian forces continued offensive operations on the Kupyansk-Swatowe-Kreminna line, where they achieved certain gains.

Geolocation recordings from October 31 indicate that Russian forces advanced east of Petropavlovka (7 km east of Kupiańsk). The same source states that the Russians continued offensive operations near Avdiivka on November 1 and reportedly advanced. “Russian forces are probably preparing for another wave of highly destructive ground attacks led by infantry against Ukrainian positions in the Avdiivka area,” ISW reports.

Main photo source: twitter.com/GeneralStaffUA

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