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British media about a bear attack in Poland. In the background, forest clearing in the Bieszczady Mountains

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British media write about a bear attack on a 56-year-old man in the Bieszczady Mountains. However, they also draw attention to the problem of cutting down Carpathian forests, exporting wood and the fight of ecologists for natural animal habitats in Poland.

A bear attacked a man in the Bieszczady Mountains on Sunday. The incident took place in the area of ​​the non-existent village of Hulskie near Zatwarnica. A 56-year-old man was taken to hospital with numerous injuries. He suffered wounds to his head, hands and back, and is undergoing surgery.

Bear attack in the Bieszczady Mountains. Injured man in hospitalLutowiska Volunteer Fire Department

According to the police in Ustrzyki Dolne, according to preliminary findings, a 56-year-old resident of the Lutowiska commune went for a walk in the forest with a friend. At some point they separated. – The predator attack occurred when the 56-year-old was alone. Most likely, he was too close to the lair of the bear that attacked him, said Commissioner Aleksandra Wołoszyn-Kociuba, spokeswoman for the police in Ustrzyki Dolne.

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– It was only seconds – a policewoman told PAP. And she added: – The man started screaming loudly. His friend rushed to help his friend. He passed the fleeing bear, but the predator did not attack him.

“The bear emerged and started chasing an activist trying to prevent logging”

Information about the incident reached Great Britain. As the Telegraph daily writes, the man attacked by the bear is a German activist who “tried to prove that the animal’s lair was abandoned due to forest clearing.” “A concerned bear emerged and started chasing an activist trying to prevent logging in the Bieszczady Mountains,” we read.

The activist and his companion, who was not present at the time of the attack, expected the lair to be empty. But the animal was there. While running away, the man allegedly tripped and was injured by a bear.

The event was recorded by a camera trap. The photos were posted on social media by the spokesman of the State Forests, Michał Gzowski, who called the event “irony of fate”.

Footage from a camera trap just before a bear attack Michał Gzowski/X

The Wild Carpathians Initiative admitted in a statement that its activists should not have disturbed an animal preparing for winter sleep in the Bieszczady Mountains. “The bear behaved in a textbook, typical way, in its own territory, a desolate area near the den, surprised and, feeling threatened, demonstrated its strength and dominance. We regret that this incident took place. This time we made a mistake. We are sorry, first of all, for a bear whose peace and sense of security were taken away,” we read.

However, as activists write, “the forest district quite delicately refers to the felling it carries out in the vicinity of the lair as breeding operations.” “We have known for a long time that skidding is carried out in areas inhabited by bears, rotten fir trees or trees with traces of animal presence are cut down. We have raised alarms and fought for the protection of such places more than once. The district where the incident occurred is one of those whose protection we sought,” it added.

Marek Józefiak, environmental policy specialist at Greenpeace, said that officials are doing too little to stop the destruction of the forest. – Poland poorly protects the Carpathians. Only three percent of the forest is actually protected, the rest is cut down or built over, he said, quoted by the Telegraph. – Despite the fact that most Polish bears live in the Bieszczady Mountains, there are only two special protection zones for bear lairs – he added.

As the British daily writes, recent monitoring conducted by organizations showed that up to 40 trucks loaded with wood left the region every day on one of the roads leading from the Carpathians.

Activists are putting increasing pressure on their governments to save the forests covering the Carpathians, which include Polish territories, SlovakiaUkraine, Romania and Serbia – notes the Daily Mail. – This forest should be sacred. We should protect such places, said Marek Józefiak. He assessed that the Polish forest services are cutting down forests “trying to get as much money as possible from it.”

Dangerous encounters with bears

Encounters with a bear can be dangerous for people, especially in spring, but dangerous events occur more and more often throughout the year. Foresters appeal not to ignore warning boards placed in many places at the entrance to the forest.

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– We appeal to tourists not to leave waste, for example in rest areas or parking lots. Recently, bears have been often seen rummaging through garbage cans in parking lots. We urge residents to pay attention to behaviors that may attract bears, for example throwing away carrion or inappropriate location of compost bins, because bears like to bury there and do it even in close proximity to houses, the foresters noted.

Brown bearShutterstock

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Main photo source: Michał Gzowski/X

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