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Broken or non-working lights in the car – what is the threat, what penalty, fine? “Report” of TVN Turbo

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It is worth looking at the headlights of cars, especially now, when the weather is less and less favorable. Broken or non-working lights can cost you dearly. What are the penalties for lighting faults in cars? Material from the “Report” program on TVN Turbo.

Correct use of lights

Lights shining into space or it is quite a common picture on Polish roads. Sometimes it happens that drivers believe too easily in car technology, that she herself – behind the driver – will switch from daylight to low beam.

– Daytime running lights can be used with good air transparency from dawn to dusk. On the other hand, if the transparency of the air, caused by rain, fog, drizzle, is lower – daytime running lights cannot be used, and dipped headlights should be used – explains the young inspector. Piotr Jakubczak from WRD KSP.


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Lights and the weather

Rainy autumn and moisture in confrontation with faulty electrics are conducive to headlight failures, so it is worth checking them.

– The problem of others, not me. You would have to constantly redirect yourself to yourself. See in your car whether the bulb is burnt or how quickly it is replaced – says Dr. Tomasz Targosiński from the Motor Transport Institute.

Penalties for broken lights

In the event of a broken light, the police officer may instruct the driver and order the defect to be repaired, i.e. the replacement of the broken bulb. And it is worth doing it, because thanks to this, the registration document will not be kept.

Only this year, until October 21, 73,030 vehicle registration certificates were seized due to lighting faults. On-site replacement of the bulb can be difficult and sometimes even impossible.

The police can also impose a fine due to broken lighting. – A fine for the technical condition of the vehicle up to PLN 500. And if we are talking about not turning on the lights, using incorrectly – it is 200 zlotys and 4 penalty points – explains Commander Robert Opas from the Police Headquarters.

The number of such tickets is not given by the police. The lights can be checked for free at selected vehicle inspection stations throughout the country – on November 20 and December 4.

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