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Bronowo. The wooden bridge was on fire. The crossing has been closed for now, farmers have a problem

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In the village of Bronowo (Podlaskie Voivodeship), a wooden bridge over the Narew River caught fire. Although only a small part of the structure was affected by the fire, the damage is so severe that the crossing is closed for the time being. And this causes problems, among others, for local farmers. To get to their meadows, located on the other side of the river and counted in thousands of hectares, they have to drive 30 kilometers one way. Meanwhile, the period of the first grass mowing has begun.

On Sunday (June 11) after 6 p.m., the services received a report that a wooden bridge over the Narew River was burning in Bronowo in the Łomża district.

Seven square meters of the bridge were on fire TSO Bronowo

Fire brigade: boards and construction elements burned

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– Hosts from the State Fire Brigade in Łomża and the Volunteer Fire Brigade from Bronów, Wizna and Stary Bożeewów were sent to the site. The fire covered about seven square meters of the crossing. Planks and construction elements burned down – says junior brigadier Arkadiusz Obrycki from the Municipal Headquarters of the State Fire Service in Łomża.

The crossing has been decommissioned. Police are investigating the cause of the fire.

– We are waiting for the expert’s opinion – says senior inspector Urszula Brulińska from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Łomża. The mayor said arson could not be ruled out.

– Today, a person who is authorized to carry out expert opinions on bridge inspections will come to the site. It will determine the losses and indicate what elements of the bridge need to be urgently replaced. We estimate that the work will cost about PLN 100,000 – Mariusz Soliwoda, the mayor of the Wizna commune, tells us on Monday.

To get to their meadows, they now have to drive about 30 km one way

The crossing is currently closed TSO Bronowo

We will try to repair the bridge as soon as possible. It is used by farmers from four communes. Mine is over 50 farms. Farmers drive it to their meadows, which stretch over thousands of hectares, including partly in the Wizna Swamp (a valuable natural area that is protected under the Natura 200 network – ed.). And now it’s time for the first cut of grass. So farmers mow and bale – emphasizes the mayor.

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Now that the bridge is out of use, to get to the other side of the river you have to go to Wizna, and then – through the bridge in Ruś – get to Grąd Woniecko and turn to the river there.

– It’s about 60 kilometers both ways. For a tractor – a minimum of three hours of driving – says Soliwoda.

Mayor: years ago they used the ferry, now it’s impossible

As the mayor points out, in the past – before the bridge was built – farmers used to cross to the other bank by ferry, but now there is no such possibility.

The county estimates it will cost about $100,000 to repair it. zlotyTSO Bronowo

– Even if we created a ferry here, the current agricultural machines are much heavier and have much larger sizes than those from years ago, so nothing would come of it – emphasizes the local government official.

The film “Wołyń” was shot on the bridge, the locations can be seen in “Konopielka”

As we read on the website of the Łomża Landscape Park of the Narew Valley, the bridge was built in 1986 by the army.

“It offers a wonderful view of the Narew valley. The bridge and the picturesque surroundings of Bronów in the Wizna commune were chosen by the team making the historical feature film ‘Wołyń’ in 2016. It was here that the scene of the Wehrmacht army marching across a wooden bridge was shot was one of the last frames of the film shot on a grand scale.

Even when the bridge was not here, the landscapes of the swamps near Bronów appeared in the famous film “Konopielka” by Witold Leszczyński from 1981.

Main photo source: TSO Bronowo

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