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Bruce Springsteen. Music fans feel “betrayed”. Ticket prices for his concerts “like a stab in the back”

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Bruce Springsteen fans are annoyed by high ticket prices for his new tour, Hell Gate NYC reported, adding that the musician who was for years considered a “working-class icon” has become a star “playing for the rich”. Many Americans had to give up seeing their idol live. Meanwhile, Springsteen was honored yesterday by President Joe Biden with the state’s highest honor for artists.

Legendary American musician Bruce Springsteen kicked off his first E Street Band tour in six years. However, the prices of concert tickets scared even his most loyal fans – some cost five thousand dollars (over PLN 21,000).

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High ticket prices for Bruce Springsteen concerts

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Ticket sales for the new tour began in July last year. As music fans point out in an interview with Hell Gate NYC, the price of some was so high that they had to give up the purchase. In addition, in accordance with the policy of Ticketmaster, it changed depending on demand and supply.

One of the portal’s interlocutors, Julie Chazanoff, said that when she logged on to Ticketmaster to make a purchase and had already chosen her seats, ticket prices suddenly changed – first they doubled, then tripled. She and her husband hoped that such high prices, reaching several thousand dollars, were the result of a service error. However, that was not the case.

Hell Gate NYC reminds you that Ticketmaster’s pricing policy has been talked about before. In January, fans of Taylor Swift were unable to purchase tickets due to problems with the sales system. In March concert ticket seller The Cure has announced that it will refund some of the fees collected from fans for tickets, which was the result of a several-day battle in social media, in which the group’s leader Robert Smith himself was involved.

Ticketmaster has repeatedly been criticized by fans and politicians who have claimed that the company has “too much control over the music market”. The company’s representatives even attended a hearing before the Senate USA.

Springsteen’s manager Jon Landau, however, defends the prices, claiming that the average ticket cost $200, which he called a “fair price” for seeing the artist on stage. As a result, many fans resigned from the purchase – some could not afford such a large expense, and others felt “betrayed”. In their opinion, the musician, who for years was considered a “working-class icon”, has now become a star “playing for the rich”, pointed out the portal Hell Gate NYC.

– (Bruce Springsteen – ed.) He was kind of an uncle to me, a mentor. Someone whose music I use to illustrate my emotions, life situations, joys and sorrows (…). Now that something has happened that is so unlike those four decades of his work, it feels like a stab in the back,” said another fan, Donna Gray.

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Springsteen with decorations from Biden

Meanwhile, on Tuesday at the White House, Bruce Springsteen was honored by the president Joe Biden the state decoration of the National Medal of Arts. -Bruce Springsteen. Poet, troubadour, chronicler of the American lifestyle, perseverance, hopes and dreams, already honored with the Presidential Medal of Freedom. He has won 20 Grammy Awards, Oscar, the Tony Award and, above all, the enduring love of millions of fans across generations. This kid from New Jersey is on the road again, getting close to three thousand shows,” Biden said as he presented the musician with the award.

The National Medal of Arts is the highest state decoration awarded to artists. From the hands of the President of the United States, they are given to individuals or groups who deserve special recognition for outstanding contributions to the development of art in America. In addition to Springsteen, other artists also received awards: actress Julia Louis-Dreyfus (known from the series “The Seinfeld Chronicles”, “The Figurine” and “Curb Your Enthusiasm”), actress Mindy Kaling (“The Office”, “The Mindy Project”) , singer Gladys Knight and designer Vera Wang. – We are a nation, a great nation, thanks in large part to the power of the arts and humanities. It’s written in America’s DNA,” said the American president.

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