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Brudziński, Arłukowicz, Kamiński and Cimoszewicz. What are the candidates talking about in their campaigns?

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Joachim Brudziński from PiS and Bartosz Arłukowicz from KO are certain in the fight for Euro-mandates in Western Pomerania and the Lubuskie Region. But things are still getting very interesting, because the “two” on the lists of the two largest parties have strong competition in the form of Michał Kamiński from Trzecia Droga and Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz from the Left. There will probably be only four seats up for grabs.

  • Following Joachim Brudziński, as in 2019, there is MEP Elżbieta Rafalska on the list. If PiS loses its possessions in Western Pomerania, it will be the victim.
  • The “two” of KO is the long-time marshal of the Lubusz Voivodeship, Elżbieta Polak. He plays at home, so he has a good chance of getting a seat.
  • The “ones” of the Third Way and the Left may cause confusion. Michał Kamiński and Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz are extremely experienced politicians. However, what works against them is the fact that they are “paratroopers” in the region.

On June 9, 2024, Poles will elect 53 MEPs, and the entire new composition of the European Parliament will consist of 720 representatives. European Union countries. In last elections Four people from constituency no. 13 covering the West Pomeranian and Lubuskie voivodeships got into the European Parliament. There are six very strong candidates this year.

PiS attacks the Green Deal and the migration pact

List leader PIS to the European Parliament in constituency no. 13, seeking re-election, MEP Joachim Brudziński emphasizes that from the five-year perspective of an MEP, he states that Poland needs strong representation in the European Parliament. In his opinion, it was bad that Polish MEPs did not speak with one voice when “it came to fighting for national interests”, which, as he admitted, German MEPs were able to do. Brudziński gave the example of the Oder, the appearance of golden algae and the death of fish. The politician also does not agree to accepting migrants.

– This pact means either accepting thousands of illegal migrants or paying multi-million fines. These fines will come from your pockets, your budget, says the politician.

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Elżbieta RafalskaMEP and former Minister of Family, Labor and Social Policy, who is running again for a mandate to the European Parliament from the second place on the list, focuses in her campaign on the harmfulness of the Green Deal.

– Housing, energy and material poverty, rising prices, abolition of zero VAT on food. All this means that the cost of living will increase and further Green Deal projects will certainly be implemented. We need to stop this. These gigantic, difficult to predict changes must be stopped and the EU must start taking public and social opinion into account, because such projects harm people, he explains.

PiS is not strong in this region, so if it were to lose its mandate somewhere compared to 2019, it may happen here. Rafalska will lose the race for her second term in Brussels to Włodzimierz Cimoszewicz or Michał Kamiński.

“Let's be ourselves in Europe”

First place on the Third Way coalition list and PSL occupies Michał Kamiński, Deputy Speaker of the Senate. A Warsaw politician running in the West Pomeranian and Lubusz constituencies is going to the elections, putting peace in Europe first.

– We are going to the European Parliament because we see the European Union as a guarantor of Polish independence, not as a threat to this independence. We are going as the Third Way to the European Parliament to be ourselves there as Poles! – he convinces.

The politician points out that there is no contradiction between being a good patriot and a good European, emphasizing that Europe does not exist without the countries that create it, including Poland. – What we need in Europe and Poland is peace and tranquility – he adds.

Kamiński: No vote will be wasted in these electionsTVN24

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KO talks about the security and value of EU membership

Election campaign Bartosz Arłukowicz, an MEP running for re-election, focuses on security-related topics. According to the politician, the upcoming elections are one of the most important ones that will determine his position Poland in the European Union for the coming years.

– The Europe we are dealing with today is not the same Europe we knew five, ten or 15 years ago. This is Europe surrounded by an ongoing war, falling bombs, migration at the borders and many problems that will change the face of Europe in the coming years. And that is why it is so important who will go to the European Parliament and represent Poland, he says.

Arłukowicz can rest assured that he will be fined. He fights for the best possible result for the party as a whole.

Arłukowicz: The upcoming elections will determine Poland's security and future in Europe, but also Europe's security

Arłukowicz: The upcoming elections will determine Poland's security and future in Europe, but also Europe's securityTVN24

Elżbieta Polakformer marshal of the Lubusz Voivodeship, running for the European Parliament from constituency no. 13 in the election campaign entitled “Pole in Europe”, draws attention to the importance of Poland's membership in the European Union and its continued willingness to be in it.

– History comes full circle. It's the same as 20 years ago. I feel the same hopes are still alive. Back then, we were also looking for Western culture and values. We wanted a better life, peace, security and the rule of law. The West, with its mentality, opened doors for us. We were curious about him, his life. Today we know how valuable EU membership is to us, he says.

The Pole is well known to the inhabitants of the region, because she was the marshal of the Lubusz Voivodeship for 13 years. In the last elections, she was elected to the Sejm and obtained an excellent result of 78,475 votes, definitely the best result in the region. So the chances of going to Brussels are high.

“Europe for you”

Włodzimierz Cimoszewiczformer Prime Minister and MEP running for re-election, speaking about his campaign entitled “Europe for You”, draws attention to two issues regarding the Baltic Sea that he would like to address in the next term: safe transport of hazardous substances, e.g. oil and chemical weapons lying at the bottom of the Baltic Sea.

– This is a bomb that threatens everyone. I would encourage you to look not at who is running from where, but at the preferences and views of the candidates, argues the MEP, referring to the accusation that he is fighting for a mandate in a region with which he has nothing in common. The politician openly supports the Green Deal, arguing that he is against chemical food, polluted air and the passivity of others when it comes to climate change.

Cimoszewicz: These elections will be politically difficult in many European countries

Cimoszewicz: These elections will be politically difficult in many European countriesTVN24

Further assistance is also a very important issue for a politician Ukraine and sanctions against Russia. – European Union it's changing. We need to move on to ensure peace, freedom and prosperity for future generations, assures Cimoszewicz.

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Five years ago, MEPs from constituency number 13 were won by: Bartosz Arłukowicz (European Coalition), Bogusław Liberadzki (European Coalition), Elżbieta Rafalska (PiS) and Joachim Brudziński (PiS).

Main photo source: PAP

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