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Brussels. Farmers' protest with the participation of the PiS president. “Low turnout”

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“Farmers' protest in… Brussels – it was supposed to be 20 thousand, but it is 2-3 thousand. A lot of Polish! Many agricultural organizations withdrew because they do not want to cooperate with the far right. There are, for example, politicians on stage Confederation. There is also to be a president of PiS,” reports Polsat News correspondent Andrzej Wyrwiński. The journalist attached a short recording of the speeches by Anna Bryłkaa candidate from the Confederation's lists European Parliament.

– I wish you determination and strength. It is a long-term fight to win the future of Polish and European agriculture – said the politician from the stage.

The PiS president was also supposed to appear on stage. Jaroslaw Kaczynski showed up in Brussels before noon. His speech is scheduled for 12:30, however, did not take place.

“Today there are farmers' demonstrations in Brussels against the Green Deal. This is the only way we can force Brussels to make concessions! The election result on June 9 depends on our mobilization, that's why PiS is in the lead here, led by president Jarosław Kaczyński,” he wrote online. Kosma Złotowski.

After 2 p.m., Ryszard Czarnecki announced that “talks with the Polish delegation of farmers in Brussels will begin immediately together with the PiS president.” The MEP attached a photo of him standing next to the president, both politicians are clearly amused.

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Jarosław Kaczyński in Brussels. He will not appear at the investigative committee

Participation in the Brussels protest is the reason for the absence of the PiS president from the investigative commission. “Due to the ongoing… campaign and a previously planned calendar, especially important ones meetings with citizensthe participation of the Prime Minister (Jarosław Kaczyński) in the meeting of Mr. Szczerba's committee on June 5 this year. unfortunately it will not be possible” – PiS spokesman said online.

Rafał Bochenek attached a letter in which Jarosław Kaczyński informs that on June 5 he will be abroad or on his way back to Poland.

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