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Brussels is drowning in garbage despite export reform. “Dirtier Than Ever”

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Why can’t the capital of the European Union develop a better waste collection system? – the inhabitants of Brussels ask, and the network is flooded with photos of bags lying on the streets of the city. The new rules for waste disposal were to rectify the situation. These, however, backfired, Vice notes.

Although in many European cities garbage is taken out to special garbage sheds, in Brussels the system is still different – garbage is taken out to the sidewalks on certain days. “Brussels remains notorious for leaking, smelly garbage bags piled up on the sidewalks,” notes Vice. This problem was supposed to be solved thanks to a new reform introduced in mid-May. However, according to the portal, “trying to reduce litter on the streets of Brussels seems to have the opposite effect”.

Brussels is drowning in garbage

Instead of noticing an improvement in the situation, social media began flooding in recent days with photos of piles of uncollected garbage lying along the streets. “If you, as a resident of Brussels, have recently felt as if you had woken up in Paris during a garbage collector’s strikeyou’re not alone,” sneers Vice. “I’m no expert, but I wonder why the capital of the European Union can’t develop a more efficient garbage collection system,” writes one disgruntled resident.

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Stickers instead of exports

The reform, in force since May 15, provides for each of the residents, among others: a specific day of the week and the time when he is to take out his garbage. The aim was to reduce the time that garbage bags lie on the sidewalks waiting for the garbage truck to pass. Now, however, in many parts of the city, residents only have two hours to put the bags out in front of their homes. For many, it has become impossible to reconcile this requirement with their work routine. “From May 15, you must be a student, unemployed or a pensioner to take out your garbage,” local politician Alexandre Somma commented on Twitter.

Residents who do not comply with the new, restrictive garbage collection schedule find warning stickers on their uncollected bags. However, according to residents, export companies also have problems with the new rules. “No one came to pick up the garbage in our neighborhood on the (new, correct) day, but someone took the time to come a day later and put these pretty stickers on dozens of uncollected bags,” tweeted journalist Paul McNally.

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