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Brussels. Right wing conference interrupted. Mateusz Morawiecki was supposed to perform

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On Tuesday afternoon, the police entered the building where the conference was held.

– Leftist the mayor of the Saint-Jose-ten-Noode district ordered the police to close the conference due to threats to public safety. No one explained to the organizers what this threat would be – says attorney Nikodem Bernaciak, a lawyer from Order of Lawwho takes part in the conference.

– The event site has been surrounded by barriers since the morning, the entrance is guarded by security guards, all safety issues are maintained. But Due to the mayor's decision, the police entered the hallto check the situation. After that, it was announced that the conference would be “gradually phased out”, which means that anyone who leaves the building will no longer enter it – our interlocutor adds.

Brussels. The right-wing conference was interrupted

Does this mean that the conference will be interrupted? – It's unknown. For now, everything is going according to plan. Today we had speeches by Polish representatives, including prof. Legutko i Jacek Saryusz-Wolski. Nigel Farage also appeared. A speech is planned for tomorrow Mateusz Morawiecki and we hope that it will take place – reports Nikodem Bernaciak.

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On Wednesday, apart from Mateusz Morawiecki The Prime Minister will also deliver a speech at the conference Hungarian Viktor Orban.

However, everything indicates that it will take place in another location. This will be the fourth change of location. – The previous two locations crumbled due to blackmail by left-wing activists. Now it looks like we will have to change the location again, says our interlocutor.

Right wing conference. “I knew I wouldn't be welcome”

According to Politico, the National Conservatism conference has been interrupted just in time for Nigel Farage's speech. – I knew I wouldn't be welcome in Brussels, said the British politician. He also added that “the Brussels authorities are simply monstrous.”

According to the website, the services were to inform the organizers that there was a risk of disruption of the event by opponents of the conference. The case is to go to courtwhere the justification for such action by the officers will be examined.

– The issue is that the police are unable to protect freedom of speech during our event – said Anthony Gilland, the main organizer of the event, in a conversation with the media.

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