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Brutal attack on a teenager in Poznań. Her peers told her to apologize, then beat and kicked her

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A teenager kneels on the sidewalk and apologizes to her peers for something. After a while, one of them hits her in the head with her knee. The victim falls and the attacker continues to throw punches. Unfortunately, this is not a scene from a movie, but a beating that took place during the day on one of the streets in Poznań. The recording appeared online and the police acted quickly.

The teenager was allegedly beaten on June 1 on Krakowska Street in Poznań. The incident became famous thanks to the recording that was published on June 5 on the poznan_momenty account on the X portal. The video is extremely brutal, which is why we decided not to publish it in its entirety.

They showered her with punches and kicks

The recording shows a girl in a red sweatshirt kneeling in front of a group of her peers and saying “I'm sorry for f***ing about you.” She is the victim of the incident.

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A moment later, one of the girls hits her in the head with her knee and then hits her with her hands. The victim falls to the pavement, but the attacker continues to beat her. He throws more punches with his fists again and again. It takes a few seconds. Then the attacker gets up and kicks the lying person in the stomach.

The injured party sits on the sidewalk and once again apologizes to the attacker for something. Then another girl runs up to her. Punches and kicks are thrown again. The recording of the incident lasts 44 seconds.

One teenager has already been detained, in the case of the second one “it's a matter of time”

– Officers from the Stare Miasto Police Station immediately took up the matter. They identified the injured teenager and also identified the perpetrators of the beating. These are minors aged 16 and 15. This older girl was just arrested. When it comes to the arrest of the second teenager, it is only a matter of time – Iwona Liszczyńska from the press office of the Greater Poland Police reported at 10.30.

It is known that the victim and her mother are also already at the police station. They are to make an official report. – The police informed the family court about the incident, which will soon decide on further actions in the case – added Liszczyńska.

Main photo source: Poznan_moments (portal X)

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