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Brutal execution of a Ukrainian prisoner. Commentary by the French Foreign Ministry and the Czech President

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On Tuesday evening, a recording appeared on the Internet in which Russian soldiers brutally murder a Ukrainian prisoner. The French Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the President of the Czech Republic reacted to the publication. Ukrainian media report that a Russian soldier has been identified, who probably took part in the brutal execution of a Ukrainian.

France has “reviewed with horror” a video that appears to show Russian soldiers beheading a Ukrainian prisoner of war and condemns “this barbaric act and unimaginable violation of human dignity,” a spokeswoman for the French Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday.

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“Those who are responsible for all the crimes committed in Ukraine will have to pay for it,” added a spokeswoman who commented on the video of the crime during an online press conference. AFP did not give the name of the representative of the French Foreign Ministry.

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“Russian soldiers as terrorists of the so-called Islamic State”

Czech President Petr Pavel said on Wednesday that because the authenticity of the video could not be verified, he could not comment on the specific case. However, he added that there are many events that should be condemned and should not take place in the 21st century.

“If the recording is confirmed, it would put Russian soldiers alongside the Islamic State, which we should all condemn,” Pavel said.

Earlier on Wednesday, the spokeswoman for the European Commission, Nabila Massrali, said that those guilty of torturing a Ukrainian prisoner of war cannot go unpunished. However, she stipulated that the EU authorities do not yet know whether the recording circulating on the Internet is authentic.

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky, commenting on the video, said on Wednesday that “there is something that no one in the world can ignore: how easily these beasts kill.” He warned that Ukraine “does not intend to forget anything and forgive the killers” and declared that “terror must be defeated,” he wrote in Telegram.

Under the same recording on Twitter, Zelensky stated that “everyone must react.” “Every leader. Do not expect this to be forgotten. We will not forget anything. It is necessary to defeat Russian terror,” he added.

Media: a Russian soldier has been identified

One of the Russian soldiers believed to be responsible for the brutal beheading of a Ukrainian prisoner is Yegor Gouzenko. The military man published content in social networks indicating his participation in this crime, the Ukrainian portal Obozrevatel reported on Wednesday after blogger Denys Kazanski.

Guzenko posted a picture of a soldier holding a human head in his hand, with the cynical caption: “A reference to ancient Greek myths,” Kazanski reported. The blogger revealed on Telegram a screenshot of the Russian’s social media account. The Russian military commentary was supposed to recall the story of Perseus, known from Greek mythology, who beheaded Medusa.

Russian soldiers Shutterstock

The Russian soldier has also become known for the fact that he often posts various “messages” calling for the brutal treatment of Ukrainians, we read on the Obozrevatel website.

The portal reported that Guzenko comes from Stavropol Krai in the European part of Russia. He served in the airborne troops, and then in 2015 joined the militias of the self-proclaimed, Moscow-controlled Donetsk People’s Republic and took the nickname “Thirteenth” there. He also fought in Syria and “became famous” for participating in several fights in Russia. In 2021, he allegedly fired a gas pistol in the face of one of the passers-by on a St. Petersburg street.

The military man, who also uses the pseudonym “Yegor Kozak”, is married and has three children, the Ukrainian service reported.

SBU investigation into the recording of the murder of a Ukrainian prisoner of war

An extremely drastic video recording of the prisoner’s execution appeared on Tuesday evening. It shows how people in uniforms with white ribbons, which the Russian military usually use for identification, cut off the head of a living man with Ukrainian insignia.

The perpetrators are masked. As noted by the BBC’s Russian editorial staff, bright green leaves can be seen in the recording, which may mean that it was not taken recently.

The Security Service of Ukraine (SBU) said on Wednesday that it had launched an investigation into the recording. The representative of the Ukrainian military intelligence (HUR), Andriy Yusov, said that such cadres are a manifestation of a deliberate Russian policy aimed at weakening the morale of Ukrainians. Yusov said that videos with similar content appear once every few weeks.

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