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Brzesko. A little girl at a busy intersection, her brother at the door. The parents left the children unattended

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A 1.5-year-old girl was wandering around in socks and unattended near a busy intersection in Brzesko (Małopolskie Voivodeship), and her three-year-old brother was standing in the doorway of a nearby house. The children left alone were noticed by the residents, who secured the siblings and called the police. During the intervention, their father returned home. He explained that he only left the children for a while.

On Tuesday around 8.30 in the morning, residents passing through one of the busy intersections in Brzesko noticed a small child walking on the sidewalk. The 1.5-year-old girl had only socks on her feet and no guardian was around. Witnesses stopped and started looking for the child’s parents.

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Brzesko. Unaccompanied girl. They were looking for guardians, they found a second child

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During the search, the residents found a second child – a slightly older boy – in the doorway of one of the nearby houses. As it turned out, apart from the three-year-old, there was no one in the house. Witnesses called the police.

– One of the police patrols and the district immediately went to the spot. It turned out that in the meantime the children’s father had returned home, explaining that he had left them alone at home for a while. During the intervention, the unsuspecting mother also returned home, informed the junior inspector Sebastian Gleń, the press officer of the Lesser Poland police.

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The court will handle the case

As the uniform informed, the case will end up in the family court, which will carefully check the family situation of the children. Parents can also respond criminally. Police officers remind that the crime of exposure to a direct danger of loss of health or life or damage to health of minors who are under the obligation to care is punishable by imprisonment of up to five years.

– The residents of the Brzesko district deserve thanks, who, seeing small children in a dangerous situation, immediately reacted and helped the children, and perhaps even prevented a tragic accident – added the spokesman.

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