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Brzeźno. He was running from the police and hit a police car

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A resident of the Sulęcin commune showed exceptional thoughtlessness. Completely drunk, he got behind the wheel of the vehicle, taking the passengers with him. When the police wanted to stop him for a road check, he started to run and crashed into a police car.

On Saturday, just before 10 p.m., police officers from Sulęcin received information that a drunk driver was supposed to drive around Brzeźno.

They cut him off, he hit a police car

– After entering the village, the patrol noticed an Opel that had no dipped headlights on. The officers gave light and sound signals to stop the vehicle. At that moment, the car turned sharply and accelerated, reports Staff Sergeant Klaudia Biernacka from the District Police Headquarters in Sulęcin.

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The chase has begun. After driving a few hundred meters, the uniforms caught up with the passenger car, then overtook it and stopped the police car to block the further escape route. – The driver, ignoring the consequences, continued driving, hitting the police Volkswagen. When the Opel stopped, the officers ran up and overpowered the man who was sitting behind the wheel – explains Biernacka.

He was drunk, he was carrying three passengers

The 46-year-old was completely drunk. The test showed that he had over 2.5 per mille of alcohol in his body. The passengers of the car – two women and a man – were also intoxicated.

– The whole event was classified as a collision, because none of the participants was seriously injured – says Biernacka.

The driver of the Opel spent the night in a cell, sobering up. His vehicle has been secured. The next day he was charged with driving a motor vehicle while intoxicated and failing to stop for a roadside inspection.

– The policemen took away his driving license and imposed a penalty ticket for causing a collision – explains Biernacka. The whole thing will end up in court for the 46-year-old. For the crimes committed, he is facing up to 5 years in prison.

Main photo source: Lubusz police

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