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BTS. The first member of the group, Jin, finished his military service

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It's a great day for fans of the group that made K-pop famous all over the world. The oldest member of the BTS band, who was the first to start compulsory military service at the end of 2022, officially ended it on Wednesday. These are difficult times for the group's fans. Because their tours are scheduled only for 2025 and 2026, when all band members leave the army. In South Korea, military service is mandatory due to the threat from Kim Jong Un's regime.

Fans breathed a sigh of relief when, after 18 months, Elvis Presley ended his service in the American armored division in western Germany and announced his return. – My ambition is to develop as an actor, which requires a lot of time and a lot of experience – said Elvis Presley at the time. It was 1960. More than 60 years later, thousands of people felt similar emotions when Jin left the barracks.

– I'm at home – wrote Jin, a member of the South Korean BTS, one of the most popular boy bands in the world, on the “X” platform.

The BTS group was appreciated by the White House and the United Nations

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The band is one of the country's best exports, and its popularity and influence on public opinion has even been appreciated by the White House. – It is a great honor to be in the White House to talk about hate crimes against Asians – said RM, leader of the BTS band, in 2022.

The team was also appreciated by the United Nations. – We are here today to share the stories of our generation – said RM in 2021.

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Now, after 18 months of separation, the group members could be together again, although unfortunately only for a while. Of the team's 7 stars, only Jin has military experience behind him. The others are still officially in training.

– Jin is the first BTS member to complete his mandatory military service. He is the oldest star of the group. Fans say that his return begins a new, long-awaited chapter in the band's history. The remaining members, however, continue to serve. They will finish it in a year, in June, and then the group will come back together, says Mike Valerio, CNN correspondent.

No one can avoid this obligation

In South Korea, even the biggest stars must undergo military training to defend themselves against the North Korean threat. You can see that the approach to this is very serious.

– Over the last year and six months, it's been great, I've met a lot of good people, says Jin.

No one can avoid this obligation. However, the law was changed for such stars in 2019, but only in terms of age. Jin could start serving at the age of 30. In any other case, all physically fit men aged 18 to 28 join the army for a year and a half.

BTS does not let itself be forgotten

“Service exemptions were first granted to Olympic medalists and classical musicians, and in 2020, the South Korean parliament passed a law allowing BTS to delay compulsory military service until the age of 30,” we read on the BBC website.

BTS's Jin has completed his military service Reuters

BTS does not let itself be forgotten. The label has perfectly prepared for this period. Despite the band's suspension, new singles are still released.

Additionally, “Army” – that's the name of the boy band's fans – are extremely loyal. Recently, a crowd came to meet Jin. 1,000 people won the opportunity to hug the star.

– It will be amazing. There aren't many opportunities to see a BTS member up close in person. That's why I'm really stressed, excited and touched, said Koo Min-Jin, a BTS fan from South Korea.

– I'm really nervous because I'm really going to hug him in a moment. I don't know how I feel now, but I will definitely be very happy and grateful that he decided to come out to us – echoed Veronica Vernice, a BTS fan from Italy.

Jin is now planning a whole series of fan events. The band will resume operations in 2025.

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