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Bucharest Nine Summit. Andrzej Duda: We want the number of NATO soldiers on the eastern flank to increase significantly

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At the Bucharest Nine summit on Friday, leaders discussed security issues and their position ahead of the June NATO summit in Madrid. President Andrzej Duda announced that the leaders wanted the number of North Atlantic Alliance soldiers in individual countries of the eastern flank to increase. Romanian President Klaus Iohannis spoke about the need to “adopt a new NATO strategic concept”.

After Friday’s meeting of the leaders of the Bucharest Nine countries – i.e. countries located on NATO’s eastern flank – the president Polish Andrzej Duda at a joint press conference with the president Romania Klaus Iohannis informed that leaders discussed security issues. He said that the B9 meeting in Bucharest and the upcoming summit FOR THIS in Madrid, they are there to defend European security.

– A lot is happening in international politics. The war in Ukraine is a fact. Ukraine He defends extremely bravely against the Russian attack, like an unjustified aggression against a free, independent, sovereign state. Aggression that has absolutely no objective justification other than that Russia he wants to pursue his imperial ambitions, he wants to rule Ukraine, he wants to occupy Ukraine – said the president.

He also reported that the leaders of the Bucharest Nine discussed on Friday how to further help Ukraine. – Poland helps Ukraine every day. We are absolutely determined in this respect. We believe that it is not only the interest of Ukraine to defend itself and maintain sovereignty and freedom, but that it is also the interest of us Poles, Poland, the entire eastern flank of NATO, European Unionof the whole free world, he added.

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Presidents Andrzej Duda and Romanian President Klaus Iohannis at a press conference at the Cotroceni Palace in BucharestPAP / Marcin Obara

Andrzej Duda: We hope that the American presence in our part of Europe will increase

Duda also spoke about the presence of NATO on the eastern flank of the Alliance. – We want the Enhanced Forward Presence, which we have today on NATO’s eastern flank, not only to extend to additional countries, I am thinking here about BulgariaHungary, Slovakia – because it has already been decided – but we also want it to be transformed into Enhanced Forward Defense, that is, into Enhanced Forward Defense – he said.

– And as a result, that the battalion groups that are present today would be transformed into brigade groups, that is, the number of North Atlantic Alliance soldiers in individual countries of NATO’s eastern flank would increase significantly – he continued.

Andrzej Duda after the meeting of the leaders of the Bucharest Nine countries TVN24

The president pointed out that “part of this process is also to transform the Tailored Forward Presence into Romania in Enhanced Forward Presence “.

– But I hope that in the future also in Enhanced Forward Defense, precisely with enhanced defense, with not only battalion but also brigade combat groups that will function here in our countries and which will obviously be due to the increased number of soldiers. If we take into account the brigade group, there are over three thousand soldiers of the North Atlantic Alliance, so this is a significant and very visible strengthening to what is today – he continued.

He admitted that “we also hope that the American presence in our part of Europe will increase.” – We are discussing this subject both in the North Atlantic Alliance and in our bilateral relations with The United States – added the Polish president.

President of Romania: We emphasized the need to adopt a new NATO Strategic Concept

Klaus Iohannis, on the other hand, pointed out that the B9 format has become particularly important now, when open conflict is raging at NATO’s borders. – B9 is the essential format for coordination as well as showing a common position when it comes to the security of the eastern flank – he assessed.

– President of the USA Joe Biden gave us appreciation for our format. He reiterated the unwavering commitment of the United States to the security of all allies, including members of the B9. He also handed over a commitment to[comply-eded)ofArticle5saidtheRomanianpresident[przestrzegania-przypred)artykułu5-powiedziałrumuńskiprezydent

He informed that during the meeting of the Bucharest Nine, the upcoming NATO summit in Madrid was discussed. – We emphasized the need to adopt a new NATO Strategic Concept, which must very accurately and realistically reflect the new security parameters. We must strengthen the Alliance at all levels and also define Russia as a threat, he said.

According to him, NATO must undertake the process of intensive adaptation to future threats. – We need to make sure that NATO is capable and ready to provide effective answers to the challenges that lie ahead. The Alliance must be able to defend every centimeter of allied territory, he stressed. – We would like to achieve a stronger NATO presence on the eastern flank, we would like this presence to be permanent, credible and uniform, especially in the Black Sea basin, which is exposed to the greatest challenges from the Russian side – he assessed.

He added that Romania is making efforts to provide humanitarian aid to Ukraine. He also informed that the participants of the summit had expressed their support for the accession Sweden and Finland to NATO.

Main photo source: PAP / Marcin Obara

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