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Budapest. An 11-year-old girl passed out on a plane. We couldn’t save her

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An 11-year-old girl has died after passing out on a Turkish Airlines plane. The machine made an emergency landing in Budapest, where the child was provided with immediate assistance. But that didn’t help.

The incident happened on Sunday morning. The Turkish Airlines flight took off from Istanbul Airport at 8:56 and headed for New York. Shortly after takeoff, the 11-year-old on board – whose identity has not been revealed – lost consciousness. The plane made an emergency landing at the airport in Budapest.

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The 11-year-old died despite resuscitation

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Immediately after landing at approx. At 10:30, the previously alerted services took the child and her family to the hospital by ambulance, but despite resuscitation, the girl died. “Despite quick and professional intervention, unfortunately her life could not be saved,” the spokesman for Budapest Airport said in a statement. He also indicated that the plane later continued on to New York.

She was flying to the US to visit her family

The exact cause of the child’s collapse and death is unknown at this time. The Hungarian media write about the 11-year-old’s disability, without specifying what health problems she struggled with. They indicate that she felt fine after boarding the plane. After the plane took off, however, she began to have trouble breathing. When she lost consciousness, the doctor on board was supposed to resuscitate her for about 40 minutes. The media also reports that the girl was of Georgian nationality and was flying to the USA to visit her family.

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