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Budget 2023. Additional money for local governments and awards for teachers – the government will deal with the amendment of the budget-related act

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On Friday, the government is to deal with the draft amendment to the Budget Act for 2023. The proposal assumes that local governments will receive additional funds from the state budget in the amount of over PLN 14 billion. The project also provides for, among other things, a special prize for teachers. An incentive fund is also to be created from which awards for judges of common courts, the Constitutional Tribunal and the Supreme Court are to be paid.

Information on the draft amendment to the Act on special solutions serving the implementation of the Budget Act for 2023, the so-called of the budget-related act, was included in the list of legislative works of the government. He is responsible for the preparation of the project Ministry of Finance. On Friday, according to the agenda posted on the website of the Chancellery of the Prime Minister, the government is to consider this draft together with the draft amendment to the budget act for 2023.

Amendment to the Budget Act for 2023

The draft amendment to the budget-related act is to “unfreeze” the social benefits fund from 1 July this year (by another 2 years) in relation to the amount planned for this year. As emphasized, this will enable employers to allocate higher funds for social activities organized for the benefit of employees.

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In addition, the project is to include the creation of an additional incentive fund from which it can be granted one-time special award for special commitment to work and payment of additional remuneration judges of common courts, military courts, administrative courts, the Supreme Court, the Constitutional Tribunal, assistant judges and court referendaries.

As announced, the proposed regulations will also assume that on the occasion of the 250th anniversary of the establishment of the National Education Commission, teachers employed in a kindergarten, other form of pre-school education, school or institution special award in the amount of PLN 1,125.

In addition, as reported, a legal basis will also be introduced to transfer this year from the state budget to local government units additional income in the amount of over PLN 14 billion. These funds are to supplement the general subsidy.

“The regulations of the draft act are complementary to the draft amendment to the budget act for 2023” – it was noted.

Prize payout cost

The unfreezing of the social benefit fund and awards for teachers, employees of the state budget sphere – excluding persons holding senior state positions and judges were included in the agreement concluded on Wednesday between the government and NSZZ “Solidarity“.

In the document, the cost of paying awards for teachers was estimated at about PLN 765 million, one-off special awards for employees of the state budget sphere at about PLN 906.25 million, and one-off remuneration for judges, court assistants and court referendaries at about PLN 46 million.

Main photo source: Krystian Maj/KPRM

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