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Budget 2024. Deputy Minister of Digitization Dariusz Standerski and Marta Golbik from the Civic Coalition about the new draft budget

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The state budget will be pro-investment and will drive economic growth in the coming years – assured Dariusz Standerski, Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs, in the “Tak jest” program on TVN24. He admitted that it included a larger deficit than assumed by the previous government. Marta Golbik from the Civic Coalition pointed out that the actions of the PiS government have resulted in the fact that today Donald Tusk’s government must “conduct audits in all ministries and check the state of finances” “at an express pace.”

According to the agenda of the Council of Ministers, on Tuesday the government is to deal with the draft budget for 2024. In addition, the government will work on a draft amendment to next year’s budget-related act and a draft debt management strategy.

Dariusz Standerski on the state budget for 2024

Deputy Minister of Digitization Dariusz Standerski spoke about the “difficult” draft budget act. – We are in a difficult economic situation. We are after a closed fiscal year of lies Mateusz Morawiecki – said the guest of “Tak jest” on TVN24.

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– I have great respect for the minister (of finance, Andrzej – ed.) Domański, that this budget includes increases for the public sector and the implementation of this part of the coalition agreement. More parts will appear in the following years. This is also necessary from the economic point of view, to stimulate consumption and prepare for investments under the National Reconstruction Plan, said Standerski.

The Deputy Minister of Digital Affairs pointed out that this is a “pro-investment budget that will drive economic growth in the coming years.” Standerski admitted that the larger deficit included in it “is so that we can accelerate development, so that there will be more money in the state budget in the coming years.”

The deputy minister did not provide a new deficit amount. According to unofficial information from Business Insider Polska, it will be approximately PLN 180 billion. For comparison, in the draft budget adopted in September, the then government of Mateusz Morawiecki assumed a deficit of PLN 164.8 billion.

“We have to make up for it all.”

– Today we see (…) in the ministries how much damage the interim government of Mateusz Morawiecki has caused. During these two weeks, the managers of the ministries that moved in for only 14 days lost time. Now we have to make up for all this, said Deputy Minister Standerski.

Marta Golbik from the Civic Coalition spoke about the “anti-state policy” of the Law and Justice government. – Knowing that they would not form a government, they prolonged the appointment of a new government for weeks (Donald Tusk – ed.) – she pointed out.

In Golbik’s opinion, the government’s actions PIS led to the fact that today “at an express pace” Donald Tusk’s government must “conduct audits in all ministries and check the state of finances.” – And from what I know, it looks really bad. Every now and then, new department directors come and say that there are financial shortages, that they still have to make planned transfers somewhere, for which there is no money – noted the KO MP.

Main photo source: PAP/Radek Pietruszka

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