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Bukowina Tatrzanska. The torn off roof killed three people. End of the process

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In a tragic accident in Bukowina Tatrzańska in 2020, a 52-year-old woman and her two daughters aged 15 and 21 died. Now the process is over with the owners of the ski rental and the owner of the construction company responding.

In the final speech, the prosecutor demanded two years in prison for each of the accused and the payment of one million zlotys in compensation for the victim – the husband and father of the deceased. The verdict in this case will be announced on June 13.

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The tragedy in Bukowina Tatrzańska

The tragic event at the Rusiń – Ski ski station took place in February 2020. The roof of a makeshift ski rental shop, which was torn off under the pressure of the wind, killed three people there. A 52-year-old and her 15-year-old daughter were killed on the spot. The second, 21-year-old daughter died in hospital as a result of injuries.

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The indictment covered three people: Tomasz Ż. and Łukasz M. – investors who own the rental shop, and Piotr W. – the owner of a construction company carrying out work involving the adaptation of a car semi-trailer, which acted as a ski rental shop. The men were charged with accidentally bringing down the building, resulting in the death of three people and injuries of another victim.

The torn off roof killed three people in Bukowina TatrzańskaTVN24

Unauthorized construction

Prosecutor Wojciech Konstanty noted in the final speech that the makeshift ski equipment rental facility should not stand in this place at all, and even a slight wind could lift the incorrect roof structure.

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– Wind speed was not crucial here. When erecting such an object, one had to realize that it could not stand. If the structure had been set up correctly, a tragedy would not have happened. The cause of the incident was the poor structure of the roof. Investors were not interested in security considerations. Old building materials were used here, it was a makeshift one, said the prosecutor Wojciech Konstanty and stressed that the building was erected contrary to the regulations and without any required permits.

The prosecutor pointed out that in Podhale there is a lot of unauthorized construction, therefore the penalty imposed by the court should also be preventive.

A strong wind broke the roof in Bukowina TatrzańskaTVN24

The auxiliary prosecutor and attorney of the aggrieved man, who lost his wife and daughters as a result of the accident, applied for partial compensation in the amount of PLN 6 million, equally from each of the accused men. The auxiliary prosecutor stated in the closing speech that the accused were responsible for the deaths of three people.


Defenders want acquittal

Defenders of the accused two owners of Tomasz Ż. and Łukasz M. applied for their acquittal. In their final speech, they indicated that the owner of a construction company was to blame, who was responsible for the poor execution of construction works, including the construction of a flat roof, which was torn off the trailer and, as a consequence, killed three people. One of the defendants’ defense added that the rental company was formally located in a registered car trailer, and such a facility does not require a building permit.

The roof collapsed on the slope in Bukowina TatrzańskaVolunteer Fire Department Bukowina Tatrzańska

The defense attorney of Piotr W. also applied for the acquittal of his client. He indicated in the final speech that his client did not receive remuneration for the works, but only received reimbursement of costs for bringing in employees. He added that the delivered material did not contain the correct structural elements for the proper execution of the roof or the appropriate screws. He also stated that the investor only wanted to cover the trailer at the lowest possible cost. The defense attorney also pointed out that Piotr W. agreed only to carry out the works to help a friend, but did not accept the order as understood by the market. The lawyer pointed out that it was the investors who made the decision to build the facility without any permits or notifications.

Main photo source: TVN24

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