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Bulgaria. Bodies of migrants in a truck near Sofia. More than 30 people were hospitalized

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Three people have been arrested after police discovered eighteen bodies of migrants in an abandoned truck near Sofia, Bulgaria’s capital. There were also living people in the vehicle, some of them in a critical condition. – They were cold, wet, they had not eaten for several days – explained the Minister of Health.

Early Friday afternoon, 18 migrants were found dead in a truck near the village of Lokorsko near the Bulgarian capital Sofia. They were young men from Afghanistan. It is not known how long they were in the truck. In addition to the corpses, there were living people in the vehicle, some of them in very serious condition. 10 men were also found hiding in nearby bushes.

Part of the group that crossed the Bulgarian-Turkish border

Information about the discovery of dead migrants in an abandoned truck was provided by the head of the national investigative service, Borisław Sarafor. He specified that the dead were part of a group of about fifty people who illegally crossed the border into Turkey two days ago. He announced that three people had been detained in connection with the case, but noted that they had not yet been charged.

Health Minister Asen Medjidev said 34 migrants, including five children, had been hospitalized in Sofia. Some were in a critical but stable condition, he said. – Locked in the truck lacked oxygen, they were cold, wet, had not eaten for several days – he described in an interview with journalists.

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Timber was also transported in the same vehicle.

Police cars in the Bulgarian village of Lokorsko Reuters

Bulgaria on the Migrants’ Trail

Bulgaria is on the route of migrants from the Middle East and Afghanistan to the European Union. Most of them do not stay in this country, but try to reach the richer countries of the West. They often use smugglers’ networks.

Last December, Austria and the Netherlands vetoed Bulgaria’s entry into the Schengen area.

PAP/Adam Ziemienowicz

Main photo source: Reuters

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