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Bulgaria – gas deposits discovered in the Black Sea

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Large deposits of natural gas have been discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea – this information was provided by a deputy to the Bulgarian parliament Delian Dobrew, chairman of the parliamentary energy committee. In his opinion, this is an opportunity for the country to significantly increase the production and export of this raw material, Bulgarian media reported.

Earlier, similar discoveries were reported Türkiye and Romania. The authorities in Bucharest started producing gas on an industrial scale last year.

New gas deposits. “We can become a large European exporter”

Dobrew announced that the consortium of Total and OMV companies, which have been operating for years in the waters of the Black Sea belonging to Bulgariadiscovered deposits that will allow the extraction of up to 13 billion cubic meters of natural gas per year.

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The former energy minister reminded that Bulgaria’s annual gas consumption is currently around 2.5-3 billion cubic meters. As he noted, such a significant increase in production would also increase the export of raw material to foreign markets.

– The volume of extracted gas would exceed five times our consumption. In other words, we can become a large European exporter of gas, Dobrabrew told state television.

In Dobrev’s opinion, Bulgaria should join the Total and OMV consortium, buying 35 percent of the shares. his shares. According to the politician, this would allow the country to double the profits from gas extraction, which is why the implementation of this investment is the most important task of the parliament in the coming weeks.

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