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Bulgaria. Gorski Izvor. The village has been hailed as the “pumpkin capital”

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Located in the commune of Kirkowo in southern Bulgaria, the village of Gorski Izvor is famous for having piles of pumpkins on its sidewalks. Until recently, it was called “the pumpkin village”, but this year it was hailed “the pumpkin capital”.

“Welcome to the Pumpkin Capital!” – there is an inscription at the entrance to the Bulgarian village of Gorski Izvor in the south of the country.

– This pumpkin is the best! Everyone loves to eat it. It is very healthy and full of vitamins, said Krasimir Ivanov, one of the local farmers and pumpkin vendor.

Pumpkin VillageENEX

Bulgaria. Gorski Izvor. Pumpkin Village

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Kremena Atanasova, a college graduate, decided two years ago to devote herself to the cultivation of pumpkins. There are about 40 tons of butternut squash in front of her house. – What did the pumpkins teach me? Work, she said.

Butternut squash is perfect for baking cakes and cookies, and the white ones are bought by connoisseurs of this vegetable.

“White pumpkin is good for stuffing with meat,” said Kremena Atanasova.

Pumpkin VillageENEX

Pumpkin VillageENEX

Main photo source: ENEX

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