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Bulgaria. Ministry of Foreign Affairs about the government center in the city of Święty Konstantyn – Piotr Wawrzyk about the details

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The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) has informed that the former government-owned Polish Holiday Home in Bulgaria needs a major renovation. The resort has not yet made a decision on the future of the resort. The reason is the lack of regulation of the right to land, negotiations with the Bulgarian side in this matter have been suspended since 2010, said Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Piotr Wawrzyk.

Inquiry to the Minister of Foreign Affairs Zbigniew Rau on the “neglected government-owned Polish Holiday Home located in Bulgaria” was directed by Hanna Gill-Piątek. The property is located in the city of Święty Konstantyn near Varna. The MP pointed out that the center was donated to the Second Polish Republic as a gesture of gratitude for the humanitarian aid provided by the Polish nation to the Bulgarian population after the earthquake that struck the Stara Zagora region in 1928 year.

Gill-Piątek asked e.g. about the cost of maintaining the property this year and what is its future.

The cost of maintaining a government center

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Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Piotr Wawrzyk announced that the planned budget for 2023 for the maintenance of the complex of the former Polish Holiday Home is EUR 73,160. “It includes expenses for the necessary ongoing maintenance of the facility, technical inspections, protection against theft of property, insurance, etc.” he explained.

For comparison, last year these expenses amounted to EUR 74,876.55, and in 2021 to EUR 49,794.81.

The deputy minister informed that the last valuation of the facility was made in October 2014. According to him, the right to use the land was then valued at EUR 1,966,100; buildings on the property for €2,456,200 and improvements and crops on the property for €12,100.

What’s next for the resort?

Wawrzyk pointed out that the planned use of the center depends on an unequivocal regulation of the issue of land rights.

“The Bulgarian side maintains the position that the Polish side has the right to use the plot as long as it is the owner of the facility located on it. The complex of the former Polish Holiday Home requires a general renovation and far-reaching modernization, and therefore undertaking high-cost and long-term investor activities, the possibility of which all consulted by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs makes the ministries dependent on the regulation of the legal status of real estate (obtaining a certain right to land, not burdened with additional conditions), explained the deputy head of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Saint Constantine near Varna, BulgariaShutterstock

According to Piotr Wawrzyk, “at present, until the legal status of the facility is regulated, there are no grounds for developing (or commissioning) detailed concepts and investor cost estimates, the basis of which must be an unambiguous definition of the final purpose of the property.”

Negotiations between Poland and Bulgaria

According to the information provided by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, the Bulgarian side makes the regulation of the legal status of real estate conditional, among others, on on issues related to the resolution of administrative proceedings regarding real estate included in the so-called Bulgarian package located in Poland.

As he explained, the so-called The Bulgarian package includes three properties of the Polish side in Bulgaria, including the former Polish Holiday Home, and four properties of the Bulgarian side in Warsaw. “The intention of the parties is to comprehensively regulate the legal status of these properties by mutually granting ownership rights to all properties included in the ‘package'” – emphasized Wawrzyk.

Negotiations on this matter between Poland and Bulgaria had to be suspended in 2010. The deputy minister pointed out that the reason was the notification by private persons of the so-called decree claims in relation to the real estate of the Bulgarian party, at ul. Bobrowiecka 4a in Warsaw, which is part of the “package”. Negotiations are to resume after the final settlement of the claims by the Polish administrative and judicial authorities.

Administrative and court-administrative proceedings in this case are still pending – noted Piotr Wawrzyk, adding that the time perspective for their completion is “extremely difficult to estimate”.

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