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Bulgaria. Parliamentary elections – final results. The GERB party won

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In Bulgaria, the final results of early parliamentary elections were announced – the party of former Prime Minister Boyka Borisov, GERB, won. In order to form a majority coalition with at least 121 votes, both the first and second political forces require at least three partners.

Central Election Commission in Bulgaria announced the final results of Sunday’s early elections just before midnight on Thursday. There are no changes compared to the initial results. Six parties enter the parliament, the party of former Prime Minister Boyko Borisov, GERB, won.

According to the final results, which had to wait four days, GERB will have 69 seats in the 240-seat parliament. The other political force is the centre-right coalition We Continue Change-Democratic Bulgaria led by former Prime Minister Kirill Petkov, which receives 64 seats.

Boyko Borisov’s GERB party won the parliamentary elections in BulgariaVASSIL DONEV/PAP/EPA

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The third political force is the nationalist Russophile Vazrazhdane party with 37 MPs, followed by the Turkish Movement for Rights and Freedoms with 36 seats. The left-wing Bulgarian Socialist Party will have 23 deputies in parliament, and the party of the showman Slavi Trifonov There is Such a Nation – 11.

In order to form a majority coalition with at least 121 votes, both the first and second political forces require at least three partners. Leader of the victorious GERB party Boyko Borisov in the first statement after confirming his victory, he said that his party is reaching out to all forces in the new parliament in the name of appointing a government.

Borisov: a serious risk to parliamentary democracy

Borisov said the most important task now was to form a government “whatever the price for the party.” – We cannot delay any longer, the possible repetition of the elections means a repeat of the situation of the last two years and a very serious risk for parliamentary democracy – he stressed.

He added that he would conduct the negotiations personally. The most important for him are the parties with which he shares his position on the matter Ukrainebut he did not rule out negotiations even with the nationalist Russophile group Vazrazhdane.

– Currently, the country is in chaos, it is necessary to adopt the budget for the current year, work on reducing the deficit, which is growing alarmingly and, according to forecasts, may approach 7% of GDP. at the end of the year, Borisov stressed.

For Orthodox Easter, which falls next Sunday, more than half of Bulgarian pensioners will not receive Christmas bonuses. Only about one million people will get them pension up to 504 lev (252 euros). Prime Minister Donew made it clear on Thursday that the state did not have the capacity for allowances for everyone.

Main photo source: VASSIL DONEV/PAP/EPA

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