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Bulgaria, Romania. The meteor turned night into day for a moment. “Explosion in the atmosphere,” a loud bang was heard

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The meteor burned up in the atmosphere over Bulgaria. According to the media, on the night from Tuesday to Wednesday, the phenomenon was perfectly visible from various places in the country. Residents described the accompanying bang. In Romania, where the phenomenon was also visible, one could smell the gunpowder.

In the night from Tuesday to Saturday, the sky over western and northern Bulgaria brightened for a moment as if it were day. The spectacular explosion of the meteor was accompanied by a loud bang.

Explosion in the atmosphere. Meteor over Bulgaria and Romania

According to local media, the phenomenon was most visible in the north of the country, close to the border with Romania. Residents of the city of Vidyń on the Danube heard a loud bang around 10 p.m. and informed the local police. Officers inspected the area, but as it turned out, the meteor did not cause any damage.

The phenomenon was also visible in Romania. In the city of Calafat, on the other bank of the Danube, people noticed the smell of gunpowder that accompanied the explosion.

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Meteor over BulgariaReuters/teddycopart@Facebook

“He lit up the sky like a mighty lightning”

“It was yellowish in color, (…) it lit up the sky like a powerful lightning bolt,” astronomer Pencho Markishki explained in an interview with the Bulgarian media. – It was definitely an explosion in the atmosphere, at an altitude of about tens of kilometers. The probability that the debris will reach the ground is not high, he added.

The meteor was also visible hundreds of kilometers away from Vidin, including the capital of Bulgaria, Sofia, as well as in Bucharest, Romania.

Meteor over BulgariaReuters/teddycopart@Facebook

Reuters, novini.bg, Vesti

Main photo source: Reuters/teddycopart@Facebook

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