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Bumar-Łabędy and Ukroboronprom have announced that they have jointly established a technological center for the repair of T-64 tanks

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We are grateful to our Polish partners for their help in increasing the number of armored equipment for the Ukrainian Armed Forces – commented on the signing of the contract between Bumar-Łabędy and Ukroboronprom Yuri Husev, general director of the Ukrainian company. In Zakłady Mechaniczne Bumar-Łabędy SA, works related to the implementation of the concluded contract for repairs of T-64 tanks have begun.

Bumar-Łabędy and Ukroboronprom announced that they have jointly established a technology center dedicated to the repair of T-64 tanks. It was announced that the new capacities will be created based on the technological potential of the Gliwice-based company. The agreement also provides that the Ukrainian T-64 tanks will be serviced, serviced and restored to full working order.

“The choice of Bumar-Łabędy as the partner of this contract results from the fact that it has extensive experience in servicing and modernizing tanks of the T family, including the T-72 and PT-91,” the Polish company said in a statement.

– Gliwickie Zakłady Mechaniczne is ready to create a hub for repairs of armored equipment used by the Ukrainian army. Over 70 years of experience of the Department in the field of both production and conducting inspections, repairs, retrofitting and modernization of armored equipment will be a key help in maintaining the defense capabilities of the Polish Armed Forces. Ukraine. Thanks to regular repair and service activities, the used vehicles will regain fully the required combat readiness – said Edyta Szymańska, president of Zakłady Mechaniczne Bumar-Łabędy SA

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First T-64, then also T-72 and PT-91

It was clarified that the agreement provides for cooperation in the field of repairs, overhauls, assembly, production and development of the supply chain of T-64 vehicles together with other elements of the technological process of tanks. “In the long term, cooperation is also planned in the servicing of T-72 and PT-91 tanks, transferred by Poland to the Ukrainian side. The possibility of joint work on the servicing of Leopard 2 family tanks, transferred to Ukraine by an international coalition, is also being considered,” we read.

It was noted that the Bumar-Łabędy company is being considered as a service hub for Leopard 2 family tanks transferred to Ukraine by the international armored coalition. “Due to the modernization program of the Leopard 2A4 tanks to the 2PL standard for the needs of the Polish Army, the company has gained the knowledge, technical facilities and experience necessary in this area” – reads the release.

During the communist era, Bumar-Łabędy manufactured T-72 tanks under license, both for the Polish Army and for export, and then made their Polish modernization, i.e. PT-91 Twardy (for Poland and for export to Malaysia). T-64 tanks were constructed at the Kharkov plant and were only used by the USSR, and then by the countries that emerged after its disintegration.

Another agreement

– We are grateful to our Polish partners for their help in increasing the number of armored equipment for the Armed Forces of Ukraine. Each such international agreement integrates us within the production chains of the member countries FOR THIS – commented the general director of Ukroboronprom Yuri Husiev.

The ongoing agreement on cooperation in the service of T-64 tanks is another in the broadly understood armored area concluded between the Polish and Ukrainian sides.

During President Volodymyr Zelensky’s visit to Poland, the following agreements were signed: an agreement on cooperation in the production of 125mm tank ammunition and a letter of intent on the sale of Rosomak wheeled armored personnel carriers to the Ukrainian side.

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Main photo source: PAP/Leszek Szymanski

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