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Buried. Arrest for a driver who hit a policeman in Zakopianka and ran away from the chase

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A 31-year-old man was arrested for transporting drugs in his car, failed to stop for a road control and hit a policeman. During the chase through the zakopianka, officers pushed the vehicle into a ditch with police cars. The man is facing prison.

Last Tuesday (18.04) policemen at the Zakopane park in Biały Dunajec in Lesser Poland tried to stop a Citroen for roadside inspection. However, the driver, instead of stopping, hit one of the officers and started to run. The officers gave chase.

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The police pushed the escapee into a ditch

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According to the press release from Zakopane, the driver fled at high speed through Biały Dunajec and Poronin. More patrols joined the pursuit.

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– In the village of Stasikówka, after a successful maneuver of pushing the car into a ditch, the perpetrator was detained. There were three other people in the Citroen in addition to the driver. Police officers found drugs next to the driver, which were seized for further research, said the spokesman for the Tatra police officers, staff assistant Roman Wieczorek.

31-year-old detainedKPP in Zakopane

What’s more, one of the passengers turned out to be a man wanted to serve a sentence. The next day he was sent to prison.

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The driver of the Citroen admitted hitting the police officer and fleeing from the officers. On Friday, the Zakopane court decided to temporarily arrest the 31-year-old for two months, as requested by the prosecutor’s office.

As Wieczorek stressed, failure to stop for a road control is punishable by up to five years in prison. Violation of the bodily integrity of a public official is punishable by up to three years in prison – a similar penalty is imposed for possession of drugs.

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