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Buried. Bentley Continental at the IRS auction. Sold for less than half price

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The Tax Office in Zakopane has been looking for a buyer for a luxury Bentley Continental for almost half a year. The car was valued by an appraiser at PLN 235,000. Since there were no buyers in the next two auctions, the amount was reduced. It was eventually sold for PLN 101,000.

The offer from the Zakopane tax office might have seemed like a real deal when a 2008 Bentley Continental was put up for auction in October. The appraiser estimated the value of the supercar at PLN 235,000, and the starting price was 3/4 of this amount, i.e. about PLN 176,000.

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Although it is a vehicle associated with luxury, the value of which after 15 years from the date of production is still unattainable for the average Pole, there were no takers. The car picked up by the bailiff from one of the entrepreneurs in Lesser Poland stood in the parking lot for almost half a year before it went into new hands.

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Bentley Continental (illustration photo)Shutterstock

Bentley for half free

After closing the first auction on December 6, another auction was announced. The starting price was already half the value of the vehicle. – Then a few people were interested in the car, but in the end nobody made an offer. Bentley was sold free-hand only at the turn of January and February – says one of the officials of the Tax Office in Zakopane in an interview with tvn24.pl. The vehicle was sold for PLN 101,000. This is more than half less than the value determined by the appraiser.

If no one else came for the Continental, the price would still go down. – Theoretically, the lowest amount for which we could sell the vehicle is 10 percent of the estimated amount – we hear in the treasury. This would mean a ridiculous amount of about PLN 23,000.

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Why has no one reported for so long? – The price was very attractive, but apart from regular customers, not all potential customers find our website. Someone would have to follow the tab with the office’s auctions – admits an official from the Zakopane treasury.

Salon owner: It’s a ridiculously low amount

The owner of one of the largest car dealerships in Małopolska, in an interview with tvn24.pl, estimates that the amount of PLN 101,000 for a 2008 Bentley Continental is “ridiculously low”. – This is not a car for the average Kowalski. This is a vehicle for a person who can afford to maintain a Bentley, wants to drive it and knows what it involves – assesses the entrepreneur.

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The owner adds that such a purchase may cause an unsuspecting customer more trouble than good.

– At auctions of tax offices, cars from bailiff collection are put up for auction, which are usually in not good, but sufficient condition. Let’s imagine that I am a taxpayer, I have arrears and I know that they will collect me. It’s obvious I’m not going to take care of the car they’re about to take away from me. – All the more so that sometimes a car from an auction, especially a car like this, sometimes needs to be put in a bag of money to bring it to order – he adds.

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