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Buried. Krupówki are to be entered in the register of monuments. It’s about new investments

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The entry in the register of monuments is to protect Krupówki from architectural chaos. The authorities of Zakopane want the provincial conservator of monuments to cover one of the most famous promenades in Poland with special protection. Thanks to this, officials will have an impact on what the new buildings will look like. In practice, the point is to prevent the implementation of the most daring ideas of developers.

Zakopane officials are seeking entry. In 2016, one of the most famous promenades in Poland was covered by the regulations on the cultural park. However, this turned out to be insufficient to protect the area from developers’ attempts. While the resolution limited, among other things, the possibility of placing advertisements and running street trade, it did not affect the planned investments. And every piece of land in this location besieged by tourists is worth its weight in gold. There were even plans to build a huge shopping mall in the area – but this project was never realized.

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Mayor: We’d like someone to control it

The city authorities want to have an influence on what and in what form investments are carried out at Krupówki.

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– There are owners who will beautifully adapt to the whole of Krupówki, but there are also investors who want to show themselves, want to build something completely different, not necessarily adapting to the character of Krupówki. And we would like this character to remain (preserved – ed.). They are not typical Zakopane style, but we would like someone to control it and it will be done by a conservator – stressed the mayor of Zakopane, Leszek Dorula, in an interview with TVN24.

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Zakopane style on Krupówki

Krupówki is a representative promenade of Zakopane, about a kilometer long. As we read on the website of the Zakopane town hall, “the original rural wooden buildings gradually began to give way to brick tenement houses at the end of the 19th century”. At Krupówki, there is, among others, the 19th-century Sanctuary of the Holy Family, the Tatra Museum built in the Zakopane style, as well as the Municipal Art Gallery – one of the oldest facilities of this type in Poland.

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The Zakopane style is also called the Witkiewicz style – from the name of Stanisław Witkiewicz. As we read on the website of the Tatra Museum, it is “the first national style, which at the end of the 19th and the beginning of the 20th century spread not only in Podhale, but also influenced many places in the former Republic of Poland”.

You can learn more about the Zakopane style at the exhibition in the “Koliba” villa, which is a branch of the Tatra Museum. It is, moreover, “the first house in the Zakopane style built according to the design of Stanisław Witkiewicz” – informs the institution.

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