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Buried. Thick snow cover on Kasprowy and in the city.

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Winter is in full swing in Zakopane and the Tatra Mountains. On Saturday, the snow cover on Kasprowy Wierch was 1.5 meters thick in places. It was necessary to excavate one of the ski lifts. In Zakopane itself, the layer of snow has grown to 60 centimeters, and the city authorities plan to remove the excess “white powder”.

It has been snowing in the Tatra county for several days. Since Thursday on the roads of Podhale there are very difficult conditions – many roads are covered with slush and snow. However, the return of winter is good news for skiers. Most of the lifts are in excellent conditions.

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It was necessary to excavate the lift

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There is already 1.5 meters of snow on Kasprowy Wierch, and in some places even several meters of snowdrifts have formed under the influence of strong winds. A large amount of natural snow finally made it possible to open both slopes. On Saturday morning, the chairlift in Kocioł Goryczkowy is open.

The lift on the opposite slope, in Kocioł Gąsienicowy, was dug up from under the snow in places on Saturday morning, because too much layer had accumulated in the upper part. The employees of the cableway have to clear the passage of the chairlift line manually and with the help of snow groomers.

In addition, the traverse surrounding the summit dome, which is used by skiers to get from the top station of the main cable car to the ski slope in Kocioł Goryczkowy, also needs to be formed in the snow.

Ski slopes on Kasprowy Wierch are covered only with natural snow. Artificial snowing is impossible there due to nature protection regulations. Forecasts for the next holiday stay look very optimistic for those going skiing in Tatras. More snowfall is forecast.

Kasprowy Wierch, Goryczkowa Valley – Saturday morningcamera.topr.pl

Buried under the snow

Snow is coming all over Podhale. In Zakopane equipment for winter road maintenance is constantly working on the streets, but the increase in snow cover is so large that the machines cannot keep up with snow removal – the snow layer in the morning was 60 centimeters. Even the main streets are white or slushy, and the smaller side streets are packed with snow.

Pedestrians have the greatest problems with moving around, because most sidewalks are not cleared of snow, and there are heaps of snow collected from the streets on pedestrian routes and bus stops. Pedestrians are forced to move on the roadways, which creates additional danger. Next week, the authorities of Zakopane plan to remove accumulated snow.

Due to heavy snowfall in the Lesser Poland Voivodeship, only on Saturday from midnight to morning, the fire brigade has already recorded 1,230 interventions related mainly to the removal of trees fallen under the pressure of snow for roadways and sidewalks, and broken power lines.

Hala Gąsienicowa, view of Granaty – Saturday morningcamera.topr.pl

Main photo source: camera.topr.pl

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