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Buried. Two teenagers had a fight, the charges were heard by the father

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In March, two teenagers got into a fight in a crowd of onlookers in Zakopane. Police said the father of one of the girls was charged in the case. The 40-year-old was to personally order his daughter to be beaten and watched the whole situation.

On March 9, the Poviat Police Headquarters in Zakopane was informed about a fight between teenagers that took place two days earlier on Dolna Równia Krupowa. The entire incident was recorded by a crowd of onlookers. The police quickly established the identities of the girls involved in the fight. It turned out that they were residents of the Tatra county

– Police officers, analyzing the voices and behavior of people widespread in the recordings, determined that the father of one of the participants instructed his daughter to “solve” the case, and then helped her by bringing her to the agreed place at a certain time and uncritically watching her daughter’s behavior – informed the spokesman of the Zakopane police asp. pcs. Roman Wieczorek. – He heard charges of inciting a crime and helping to commit it in the conditions of a hooligan act.

An irresponsible father faces up to 4.5 years in prison.

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Buried. Teenagers fight, allegations against father

“The father of the minor, interrogated as a suspect, confessed to the alleged acts, made explanations and expressed his willingness to voluntarily submit to punishment. Now his fate will be decided by the court, which will consider the suspect’s application submitted with the indictment by the District Prosecutor’s Office in Zakopane” – explained the spokesman .

Regardless of the father’s case, the minor is dealt with by the Family Court.

Investigators determined that the reason for the incident was a misunderstanding between the girls.

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