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Sunday, August 14, 2022

Burmarrad, Malta. Flash flood. To save the drivers, it was necessary to call the army

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One storm has caused some regions of Malta to rain enough to exceed the November average total. The flash floods took the drivers by surprise. The fire brigade, with the support of the army, rescued people who were stuck in vehicles. You had to get to them by air.

A very strong storm with heavy rain passed through Malta. Local media, citing data from the national weather agency, reported that an average of 74.6 liters of water per square meter fell on the island, but there were places where the situation had become much more alarming. The weather station near Selmun recorded a drop of 107.6 l / sq m during the day. The average for the entire November in Malta is 90 l / sq m.

There was a massive flash flood in the village of Burmarrad, known among others for its bird sanctuary, on Thursday. Police warned drivers to avoid the roads in the lower regions, but not all of them obeyed. They made a mistake, the water was literally washing the cars off the roads. Some drivers were unable to escape from their vehicles. The firefighters tried to intervene to free them, but their efforts failed. It was necessary to call the soldiers who rescued the injured from the air.

Helicopter rescue

The Civil Defense of Malta has published videos of the rescue operations on social media. In one incident, it was necessary to descend from the helicopter using the rope to help the elderly man.

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The rescuers also saved one of the motorcyclists from high water.

Communication paralysis

On Thursday evening the water began to subside. Firefighters and employees of the Public Works Department began cleaning roads and other places where there was damage. Some roads are closed for safety.

Maltese Public Transport reported that some bus routes had to be temporarily changed due to severe weather conditions. “We apologize for any inconvenience to our passengers, but we are working to ensure the safest possible service,” the company said in a press release.

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Main photo source: Reuters

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