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Businesswoman of the Year Competition – 13th edition

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On Tuesday, the applications and nominations of candidates for the 13th edition of the Businesswoman of the Year competition, organized by the Sukces Pisany Szminką Foundation, started. The competition rewards enterprising women who are not afraid to implement bold business, social and cultural projects. The media patron of the competition is TVN Grupa Discovery.

Competition organizers are waiting for nominations and applications until January 10, 2022, at 23:59. Candidates can apply for the competition themselves or be nominated by third parties who have already noticed their successes and would like them to be appreciated by others.

Applications and nominations can be made via the online form at www.bizneswomanroku.pl in the following open categories: Business of the Year – Revenue above PLN 10 million, Business of the Year – Revenue below PLN 10 million, Startup of the Year, Microbusiness, Leader in New Technologies, Parent-friendly organization, Counteracting digital exclusion – leader, business, organization, Limiting the carbon footprint.

Businesswoman of the Year competition

During the 13 years of existence of the Businesswoman of the Year competition, 121 entrepreneurs from small, medium and internationally operating companies as well as leaders and leaders working for equality, representing 27 organizations, have already been awarded. It is they who look to the future and inspire positive changes. History has shown that the winners and finalists of the previous editions gained not only publicity, but above all opportunities for national and international development, establishing valuable contacts and attracting investors. 912 registered and nominated persons took part in the last record edition.

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– Women do not lack good ideas for their own business, and are often prevented from implementing them on a large scale by insufficient faith in their own abilities and lack of support from the environment. That is why it is so important to show and reward those entrepreneurs who dared to take up the challenge and succeeded. Their attitude and chosen strategy of action inspire otherssays Bartosz Ciołkowski, general director for Poland, the Czech Republic and Slovakia at Mastercard Europe. – For many years we have been supporting activities for the development of entrepreneurship of Polish women and we are happy to be part of such an important initiative, he adds.

Three-quarters of companies in the service industry are owned by women

In terms of female entrepreneurship, Poland fares very well among the European Union countries. According to data from the National Court Register for 2020, every third company in Poland was founded and is run by a woman. Entrepreneurs particularly dominated the services market – at the end of 2020, three-quarters of companies out of 10,000 were among them. surveyed in this sector by the global economic intelligence Dun & Bradstreet.

Most of them are small companies employing up to 9 people. After researching companies that have boards of several people and specify their composition, it turns out that Polish women occupy only 26 percent. key positions, i.e. they are board members or CEOs. In turn, on the supervisory boards of listed companies there are only 12.7% of them. According to the calculations of the Women’s Rights Center based on GUS data, women constitute 62 percent. the inactive population. Foundation of Success Written with Lipstick has been actively working to change this situation for the better for years, incl. supporting and rewarding those that successfully develop their own companies or projects.

– Entrepreneurs can look to the future with optimism. This is evidenced by the number of newly established businesses over the last two years. Hence, the ability to spot opportunities in a crisis. After 13 years of supporting the development of Polish women, I am filled with delight and pride. I know that many of them, entrepreneurs, leaders deserve the Businesswoman of the Year award. All they have to do is reach out for this possibility – apply – says Olga Kozierowska, President of the Lipstick Success Foundation, the originator of the competition.

The first winners

In the history of the competition so far, it has been possible to publicize the successes of women who, operating in various regions of Poland, have built national and international brands. The competition opens up a chance for the participants to develop their company and enter new markets. It gives them the opportunity to develop and a chance to attract new investors and business partners.

As every year, the finalists will be selected by the Experts’ Lodges, which include Polish start-up owners, investors, social entrepreneurs, innovators, as well as experts and experts in various areas – from sales and pricing strategies, to strategic management, business models, marketing and use. new technologies.


The first winners of the competition were Lidia Mikołajczyk-Gmur, General Director of VELUX and Beata Dethloff, owner of the Clinic Dr Beata Dethloff. Over the years, among the finalists and winners of the competition, there were many important names from the world of Polish business, including Dr. Ewa Łabno-Falęcka, Iwona Georgijew, Dominika Bettman, Bianka Siwińska, Barbara Sobala.

For many companies the award was the beginning of the road to the top, for others it appeared when they were reaching the top. Many of the awarded women achieved success not only in Poland, but also on international markets. Examples include Monika Żochowska and Ewa Dudzic, founders of the Phenicoptere company and the GLOV brand, Zuzanna Sielicka-Kalczyńska and Julia Sielicka-Jastrzębska, the creators of Whisbear, Urszula Herman, the founder of PelviFly, and more recently Sara Koślina from the Limitless start-up.

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