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Busko-Zdrój. Police: asbestos at the landfill was inadequately secured

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At a waste landfill in Busko County (Świętokrzyskie Voivodeship), workers without protective suits or masks were transporting, distributing and kneading asbestos boards. According to the police, hazardous materials were transported in trucks and then thrown into the ground. After the inspection, the owner of the company may appear in court.

At the end of October, police officers from Kielce found that hazardous waste was being improperly stored at a waste landfill near Busko-Zdrój.

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– The information obtained by Świętokrzyskie law enforcement officers showed that on one of the properties in the Busko district there is a hazardous waste landfill, where asbestos is collected and, despite clearly defined rules for its storage, the company’s employees working on site do it in a completely different way, and they work without personal protective equipment – said Deputy Commissioner Damian Janus from the press team of the Świętokrzyskie police in a press release.

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Hazardous waste at a landfill in the Busko districtKWP in Kielce

Police: They worked with asbestos without protective equipment

On Thursday (October 26), inspectors from the Provincial Inspectorate of Environmental Protection, Sanitary and Epidemiological Station and police officers inspected the landfill and – as stated in the announcement – confirmed the suspicions.

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– Wrapped pallets with asbestos were brought to the hazardous waste landfill site by trucks and directly thrown into earthen excavations. As a result, the foil was torn and the boards were damaged, says Janus.

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Hazardous waste at a landfill in the Busko districtKWP in Kielce

He adds that heavy equipment spread waste around the landfill, crushing broken asbestos slabs. Moreover, employees were to perform their duties without protective clothing and masks.

On the same day, the officers reached the owner of the company. “The legislator provides for a penalty of up to five years’ imprisonment for this type of crime,” the press team said in a statement.

Hazardous waste at a landfill in the Busko districtKWP in Kielce

Main photo source: KWP in Kielce

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