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Bydgoszcz. Checking in his luggage before the holiday flight, he said there was a bomb in the suitcase. He quickly regretted his “joke”

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The “joke” of a 52-year-old resident of Włocławek about a bomb in a suitcase did not make anyone laugh at the airport in Bydgoszcz. He was fined 500 zlotys and only thanks to the kindness of the captain of the plane he did not miss the planned vacation.

The incident at Bydgoszcz Airport occurred during the check-in of passengers for a flight to Antalya. While checking in his baggage, a 52-year-old man informed airport ground staff that he had a bomb in his suitcase. This immediately triggered airport security procedures.

– Pyrotechnics of the Border Guard appeared on the spot and proceeded to check the potentially dangerous luggage. He was x-rayed and checked manually, with a negative result – informed Capt. Border Guard Dagmara Bielec.

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The guilty man expressed remorse, explaining that it was a joke. He will pay 500 zlotys for it.

– The joker can still call himself quite lucky, because the captain of the plane gave permission for him to come on board. Thanks to this, he managed to fly to Antalya for his planned vacation. It often happens that this type of stupid jokes end up staying in Poland – adds Capt. Termite.

Main photo source: NOSG

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