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Friday, October 22, 2021

Bydgoszcz: Former PiS councilor Rafał P. is to appear in prison for bullying his wife. The court rejected the appeal against the refusal to adjourn the sentence

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The complaint of Rafał P., a former councilor of Law and Justice from Bydgoszcz, legally convicted of bullying his wife, was not considered by the local district court – Gazeta Wyborcza reported. This means that the man will have to serve a two-year prison sentence, a sentence which became final in March 2020.

The complaint of the former PiS councilor Rafał P. from Bydgoszcz against the refusal to postpone the imprisonment sentence was examined by the District Court in Bydgoszcz on Friday, September 17. – The district court did not accept the complaint and upheld the decision of the district court – judge Sylwia Suska-Obidowska, quoted on Tuesday by “Gazeta Wyborcza” said. – Within a month he should appear in Bydgoszcz Remand Center – added the judge. She explained that “if the inmate does not show up within the standard time limit, the arrest will notify the court and the court will issue a restraining order.”

Rafał P. was a Bydgoszcz councilor elected from the Law and Justice list. In April 2017, after the abuse of his wife came to light, after the intervention of Jarosław Kaczyński himself, he was forced to resign from membership in the party.

No penalty

About the despite the legally valid sentence, the former councilor is not in prison, we wrote in March this year. The sentence of two years of absolute imprisonment became final in March 2020. – For at least a few months, P. should have been in prison – then lawyer Filip Dopierała, the victim’s attorney, told us. Rafał P., as recognized by the courts of all instances, abused his wife.

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The councilor’s wife recorded how her husband abuses hertvn24

However, Rafał P. did not get behind bars, because the District Court in Bydgoszcz decided to postpone the execution of the sentence. – We are surprised by the court’s decision. None of the judgments passed in this case have been executed so far – emphasized Dopierała.

Beaten and humiliated

The actions of Rafał P. towards his wife at that time came to light at the end of February 2017, when the local media published the woman’s reports of beatings and psychological abuse. Later, an audio recording of a home brawl by his wife appeared on the internet.

The woman told her story in front of the cameras in an interview with a reporter from the magazine “Polska i Świat”. – After I was beaten, I had to apologize to him. The worst part was that after that he calmed down, and then I had to come and have sex with him. After such six hours, I had to do it – said the woman. Her husband would also threaten her with death if she tried to leave him. He cut her off from family, friends, even forbade her to go to a psychologist. She ran away from home thanks to the help of her relatives.

The couple divorced in the fall of 2018.

“Institutional help in combating violence against women is badly needed” (interview, July 2020)TVN24


For the first time On August 13, 2019, Rafał P. was found guilty and sentenced to two years in prison. Additionally, for 5 years he was to stay away from the victim at a distance of less than 50 meters. The court decided that P. is also to pay PLN 75,000 in compensation for his ex-wife.

– The collected evidence in this case, in the opinion of the court, clearly showed that we were dealing with a long-term physical and mental abuse of the accused against the person closest to him, i.e. his wife – judge Bartosz Lau said then while reading the statement of reasons for the verdict.

Both parties appealed against this verdict – the representatives of the former councilor wanted acquittal, and the victim’s sentence was increased to six years in prison. However On March 10, 2020, the District Court in Bydgoszcz upheld the judgment in the most important points the court of first instance.

Judge Sławomir Ciężki decided that the evidence clearly indicated guilt and that there were no grounds to question the credibility of the accused’s testimony. He considered that there was no place for the public humiliation of his wife by her husband, but this did not fundamentally affect the assessment of his actions, which he had committed while they were in the apartment. The court also found no evidence to support the defense that the recordings made by the victim in this case had been manipulated in any way.

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