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Bydgoszcz. He had a red light, but he entered the crossing where the pedestrian was – recording

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Only meters separated the pedestrian and the driver of the car from the accident, which in Bydgoszcz (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship) entered the lanes on a red light. The driver stopped in the crosswalk. “I thought he might have fainted or passed out,” said a man who witnessed the incident. And he adds that the driver stopped only for a moment, turned on his hazard lights and drove ahead. We received a recording showing what the situation looked like on Kontakt 24.

The incident happened in Bydgoszcz around 4 p.m. on Friday.

– I was driving from the Grunwaldzkie roundabout towards the Maczka roundabout. I stopped in front of the pedestrian crossing, after a few seconds I noticed this car in the side mirror. He drove slowly, entered the lanes, reacted only after a while. For some time I did not know what could happen – reports Mr. Adam, who witnessed the event, the recording of which we received on Contact 24.

The recording shows how the car, despite the red light at the intersection, does not stop and enters the pedestrian crossing, where the woman is walking. It stops only after the lanes, and just before the traffic light.

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The driver did not stop at a red light, he entered the lanes when there was a pedestrian on themPRZEMASBYDGOSZCZ/Contact 24

– The pedestrian stopped only when the car entered the lanes. They were about three meters away from impact. I thought the driver might have fainted or passed out. The car stopped after a long time. He stood for a few seconds, turned on the emergency lights as if he wanted to apologize and moved on towards Koszalin – says the man.

The driver stopped just past the crosswalkPRZEMASBYDGOSZCZ/Contact 24

The principle of limited trust for both drivers and pedestrians

As he emphasizes, the car has already caught his attention. – I had the impression that the driver did not feel confident. Registration plates indicate that it was not a person from Bydgoszcz, so maybe she was a bit lost – thinks Mr. Adam. And he adds: – Anyone can miss, faint. On the road, you must be guided by the principle of limited trust. Whether you are a pedestrian or a driver, you have a green or red light – you need to stay alert.

Main photo source: PRZEMASBYDGOSZCZ/Contact 24

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