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Bydgoszcz. He overtook before a pedestrian crossing and ended up with a high fine. Recording

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Police officers from Bydgoszcz observed the behavior of drivers and pedestrians just before the pedestrian crossing on Wojska Polskiego Street. One of the drivers was fined PLN 3,000 for an incorrect overtaking maneuver.

On Thursday (January 4), Bydgoszcz police officers carried out operations using a mobile monitoring center. They observed the behavior of pedestrians and drivers on Wojska Polskiego Street.

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– The officers were observing pedestrian crossings. Cameras located there, from a distance, observed whether road users complied with the regulations in the area of ​​pedestrian crossings, said Commissioner Lidia Kowalska from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz.

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He had much more on his conscience

These actions resulted in six offenses committed by drivers. Four of them were related to speeding and two to overtaking directly before a pedestrian crossing.

– The latter group included the driver of a Volkswagen Passat, who performed an overtaking maneuver incorrectly and, as it turned out, it was not the first time recently. The driver was fined PLN 3,000, added Commissioner Kowalska.

The police observed the behavior of driversKMP in Bydgoszcz

But that’s not the end. The police checked his personal data. It turned out that the man had exceeded the penalty point limit at the end of 2023. His driving license was suspended. Moreover, his Volkswagen did not have valid technical inspections.

Main photo source: KMP in Bydgoszcz

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