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Bydgoszcz. He pretended to be a businessman and then threatened his “clients”. He cheated them out of over a million zlotys

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A 49-year-old resident of Bydgoszcz (Kuyavian-Pomeranian Voivodeship) was detained in connection with the frauds he committed. The man extorted more than a million zlotys from the victims. He referred to bailiff contacts, offering help in the purchase of flats and vehicles from auctions at bargain prices, as well as in setting up a photovoltaic company in Germany.

As reported by com. Lidia Kowalska from the Municipal Police Headquarters in Bydgoszcz, the man, wanting to authenticate himself in the eyes of potential customers, came to meetings with expensive rental cars, used rented apartments and boasted of bundles of banknotes in various currencies.

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“He presented himself as a very wealthy person, with large amounts of money on a daily basis. Interested people paid him cash advances in the amounts from several to several dozen thousand zlotys. The Bydgoszcz citizen, at various intervals, demanded further payments, explaining this with additional complications, costs, or also the possibility of speeding up the transaction” – informed the press officer of the Bydgoszcz police.

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He inspired confidence and then threatened

She emphasized that the 49-year-old maintained his credibility by showing photos of vehicles and apartments that were the subject of the “contract”. At the beginning, he deliberately misled “customers” as to the date of finalization, informing that it would be stretched in time due to the procedures.

The man extorted more than a million zlotys from the victimsKMP Bydgoszcz

“Maintained contacts, meetings that were the envelope for the planned fraud at the initial stage did not raise any objections. It was only when the terms of the contracts were postponed several times, and the 49-year-old began to avoid contact, that the victims realized that they might have been deceived. At this stage they tried withdraw from the contract, wanting to get the money back” – added Kom. Kowalska.

The man extorted more than a million zlotys from the victimsKMP Bydgoszcz

The man suddenly changed his behavior, threatening the victims. As Komm. Lidia Kowalska explained, he portrayed himself as a person from the criminal environment. “He sent photos in which he held objects resembling weapons, which further strengthened his negative reception. The victims felt intimidated and did not inform the police about this fact, which the 49-year-old used perfectly well” – said the policewoman.

He cheated for over a million zlotys

The police managed to locate and arrest the man. It happened while he was driving a rental car. Police found an unauthorized gun and methamphetamine in the apartment he was renting.

The man extorted more than a million zlotys from the victimsKMP Bydgoszcz

“The court, after getting acquainted with the collected material on 31 allegations related to fraud, criminal threats, paid protection and possession of drugs, considered the application positively and then arrested the man. The investigators’ findings indicate that as a result of his activities, the victims lost a total of over one million zlotys. What is worth mentioning, the detainee made a permanent source of income from this practice, the Commissioner informed.

Another stop

By court decision, in January 2023, the 49-year-old was released from detention, but went into hiding. His legal situation changed when the District Court in Bydgoszcz issued an arrest warrant for him in connection with the ongoing proceedings. The police in Bydgoszcz again tracked down the suspect. He was detained again at the end of April in the apartment where he was hiding.

The man extorted more than a million zlotys from the victimsKMP Bydgoszcz

“The citizen of Bydgoszcz did not stop his criminal activity, he only changed its profile. He offered the victims the opportunity to buy expensive cars at a bargain price or help with setting up a Germany photovoltaic company. He also referred to his connections and influence. Again, he presented himself as a wealthy and wealthy man. During this time, he managed to defraud three more people for over 100,000. zloty. Police officers already know that the list of other victims is longer” – added Kom. Lidia Kowalska.

Police say the case is ongoing.

Main photo source: KMP Bydgoszcz

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