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Monday, October 25, 2021

Bydgoszcz. Paramedics will withdraw their notice and go back to work. They won raises

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Last chance talks of medical rescuers from Bydgoszcz with the management were successful. The medics agreed to withdraw their terminations. The ambulance director, however, says that he was put up against the wall and now there will be no money for other purposes. If, however, he did not agree to the increases, only seven ambulances would help patients out of 19 ambulances in the region.

On Monday, paramedics from Bydgoszcz agreed to withdraw their terminations, which were to take effect on Friday, October 1. 84 of the approximately 140 paramedics wanted to quit, which would mean that only 7 out of 19 ambulances across the region would be ready.

However, medics have won increases of 30 to 40 percent depending on experience. This influenced their decision to stay at work.


The director will give a raise because “he had no other choice”

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– On the one hand, I am glad that the fire was extinguished, that is, the rescuers will return to work, withdraw their notice and the ambulances will continue to run. But on the other hand, I cannot call it a negotiating agreement, it was just a dictate. I just had no other choice – comments Krzysztof Tadrzak, director of the Provincial Ambulance Station in Bydgoszcz.

Niedzielski: We signed a tripartite agreement with rescuers and employers

In his opinion, the consequences of the departure of more than half of medical workers would mean a significant extension of the waiting time for medical assistance, also in health-threatening situations. Currently, you wait about 8 minutes for the arrival of the ambulance in Bydgoszcz, and after October 1 it would be even more than half an hour. In the region, it would even be over an hour.

– I am disappointed with the attitude of the rescuers. I thought that they would understand that we still have to finance the increases in the cost of maintaining the company and minor increases for the administration with the money from the Ministry of Health, because they earn really little – regrets Tadrzak.

Patients, however, can breathe for the time being.

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