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Bydgoszcz. Rafał Trzaskowski: Poland needs an agenda with which everyone can identify

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We need an agenda in Poland that everyone can identify with, said the Mayor of Warsaw Rafał Trzaskowski in Bydgoszcz on Friday during the inauguration of the Campus Academy. “We used to be able to reach such an agreement, but today it is extremely difficult,” he admitted.

Mayor of Warsaw Rafal Trzaskowski inaugurated Campus Academy on Friday in Bydgoszcz, i.e. a continuation of the Campus Polska Przyszłości, held in Olsztyn in the summer. – We need a narrative that will go beyond polarization, will go beyond temporary divisions. This is the kind of conversation I wanted to propose to you today: stepping out of your comfort zone and talking about what’s next,” he said.

– In Poland, we need an agenda that everyone can identify with, regardless of which party they vote for. We used to be able to reach such an agreement, and today it is extremely difficult – he added.

Trzaskowski inaugurated Campus Academy on Friday in BydgoszczTytus Żmijewski/PAP/EPA

The Mayor of Warsaw assessed that recently only once – as a political class and society – in the vast majority “we were able to agree – in the matter of aid Ukraine“Our neighbors.” – This agreement was only successful at a time of great danger. Unfortunately, it seems that this is, in a sense, an exception to the rule – he said.

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KPO as an opportunity and a huge modernization agenda

According to Rafał Trzaskowski, after the first phase of modernization initiated in 1989, Poland is now facing a challenge and the need for another phase of this kind.

– We went in FOR THIS and the EU. We developed at an absolutely incredible pace. We are the second fastest-growing country in the world in the last 30 years, after China. We developed at an incredible pace. Our economy has grown eightfold, he said.

In his opinion, National Reconstruction Plan is an opportunity and a huge agenda for the modernization of the EU and Poland, guaranteeing a civilizational leap. – Today we should implement this agenda together, this should be our goal – he added. He stated that anyone who says that KPO is unnecessary for us “admits that he has no idea for Poland”.

Trzaskowski inaugurated Campus Academy on Friday in BydgoszczTytus Żmijewski/PAP/EPA

– For us, the most important thing is not to contest this plan, but to adapt it to Polish realities. So that Poland could develop, so that Poland could change, become an unrecognizable country. If we do not use this money, we will simply become an economic open-air museum in Europe, he stressed.

“If we are innovative, we will be independent”

He stated that everyone is focused on one thing, “whether money should be or shouldn’t be.” – Even the government has recently realized that this money is necessary. However, no one is saying that we should reach the most important agreement on what we should spend this money on – he stressed.

There’s no left or right here. You yourself have told us many times that the problems facing us have nothing to do with it. It’s hard to say that someone is left-wing or right-wing, because we all want to breathe clean air. I think we all would like Poland to develop quickly, to be an innovative country – he said to the gathered.

He presented examples of milestones and KPO records, paying attention to the extensive segment of digital modernization. – Let’s not share this. Let’s not let ourselves be persuaded that we are able to argue about everything. I am deeply convinced that if we show maturity, we will be able to reach an agreement on the most important issues, he assessed.

Trzaskowski inaugurated Campus Academy on Friday in BydgoszczTytus Żmijewski/PAP/EPA

– Politicians of various stripes very often have the word sovereignty on their lips. Very often they talk about the national interest, and that is nothing other than sovereignty. If we are innovative, we will be independent. If we have cheap energy, we will be independent, we will be strong – said Trzaskowski.

“Despite the divisions, we are able to think about the future of Poland”

In his opinion, the program has a very important advantage, namely, it tries to fight against exclusion and bridge the differences that exist in Poland. – There is a chance that this second wave of modernization will be fairer, that we will all be able to embark on this journey, believe that, despite divisions, we are able to think about the future of Poland together – said the mayor of Warsaw.

He added that countries already benefiting from EU funds “have embarked on this journey”. – We are still waiting on the platform and watching if the train will come. Let’s hope that it will arrive and we will all be able to get on it: regardless of political views – he concluded.

In August, the one-week Campus Polska Przyszłości took place in Olsztyn. Campus Academy is the second project in which Campus participants can take part during the year. The event in Bydgoszcz – during which on Saturday there will be a discussion between publicist Tomasz Terlikowski and the mayor of Lviv Andrij Sadowy with the participation of Campus Academy participants – is the first in a series of several planned for the coming months.

Main photo source: Tytus Żmijewski/PAP/EPA

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